Symmetricom SSU 2000 Remains a Timing Mainstay

A Chronology of Symmetricom Precision Timekeeping

In the realm of precision timekeeping and synchronization, Symmetricom has left an indelible mark on the landscape of technological innovation. The company, founded in 1985, emerged as a pioneer in providing solutions that ensured precise timing for critical applications such as telecommunications, aerospace, and defense. As we delve into the rich history of Symmetricom, it becomes evident that its journey is not just a narrative of corporate milestones but a testament to the pivotal role it played in shaping the infrastructure of time-sensitive industries.

Symmetricom’s inception was marked by a commitment to excellence in precision timekeeping. The company quickly became synonymous with cutting-edge technologies designed to address the intricate demands of modern communication systems. Its products were instrumental in synchronizing networks, facilitating seamless data transmission, and ensuring that every fraction of a second was accounted for. Symmetricom’s innovative solutions were not confined to a single sector; instead, they became integral components of various industries where timing precision was paramount.


Enter the SSU 2000 – It Hasn’t Left Yet

One of Symmetricom’s notable contributions to the world of precision timekeeping was the Symmetricom SyncServer Unit 2000 (SSU 2000). Introduced in [year], the SSU 2000 represented a leap forward in accuracy and reliability. This advanced timing solution was tailored to meet the stringent requirements of telecommunications networks, where synchronization is critical for seamless communication. The SSU 2000 offered state-of-the-art features, including multiple timing inputs, high-stability oscillators, and redundant power supplies, ensuring a robust and fail-safe timing infrastructure for telecommunications operators.

The SSU 2000’s significance in the telecommunications landscape cannot be overstated. With the proliferation of digital communication networks, the demand for precise and synchronized timing became more pronounced. The SSU 2000 addressed these challenges by providing a scalable and adaptable solution that could seamlessly integrate into existing network architectures. Its deployment marked a turning point for telecommunications operators, who now had access to a reliable and technologically advanced timing source.

In addition to its technical prowess, the SSU 2000 reflected Symmetricom’s commitment to quality and innovation. The product underwent rigorous testing and certifications, adhering to industry standards and surpassing expectations. Symmetricom’s emphasis on research and development ensured that the SSU 2000 remained at the forefront of timing technology, adapting to evolving industry needs. As a result, the SSU 2000 became a trusted choice for telecommunications providers seeking a resilient and precise timing solution.

The legacy of Symmetricom and its groundbreaking products, such as the SSU 2000, extends beyond the technological realm. It symbolizes a chapter in the evolution of precision timekeeping, where innovation and reliability converged to redefine the standards of synchronization. As we reflect on Symmetricom’s journey, it is evident that the company’s dedication to precision and excellence has left an enduring impact on the fabric of modern communication networks. The SSU 2000, with its technological sophistication and reliability, stands as a testament to Symmetricom’s commitment to shaping the future of precision timing.

Curent SSU 2000 Part Numbers Available

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23413016-001-0 Microchip New SSU 2000 MAC STRATUM 2E RB CLOCK

23413015-000-0 Microchip New SSU 2000 Stratum 3E Qz Clock

23413012-002-0 Microchip New SSU 2000 RADIUS Capable & SSH COMMS Card with SNMPv2/v3

23413013-002-0 Microchip New SSU 2000 DS1 Input (multi-port)

23413014-002-0 Microchip New SSU 2000 E1 Input (multi-port)

23413019-000-0 Microchip New SSU 2000 GPS Input

R23413279-000-0 Microchip Refurbished SSU 2000 Composite Clock Input

R23413017-000-0 Microchip New $2,431 SSU 2000 20 Output DS1

23413158-000-0 Microchip New SSU 2000 Composite Clock 20 Output

R23413292-000-0 Microchip Refurbished SSU 2000 E1/2048 Output Module (20 Outputs)

As time progresses and technology undergoes continuous advancements, the need for reliable replacement parts for legacy systems like the SSU 2000 becomes crucial. Symmetricom recognized the importance of supporting its installed base, ensuring that customers could maintain and extend the life of their timing infrastructure. The availability of replacement parts, timing cards, and chassis for Symmetricom systems became a testament to the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and long-term support.

For users of Symmetricom timing systems, including the SSU 2000, the company established a comprehensive support ecosystem. Replacement parts, ranging from high-stability oscillators to specialized timing cards, were meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the original specifications of Symmetricom’s products. This commitment to compatibility ensured that customers could seamlessly integrate new components into their existing timing systems, preserving the performance and reliability they had come to expect.


The Symmetricom replacement parts catalog extended beyond individual components, encompassing complete timing cards and chassis for various timing systems. This approach allowed customers to address specific needs, whether it involved upgrading a particular component for enhanced performance or replacing an entire chassis to accommodate evolving network requirements. Symmetricom’s dedication to providing a wide array of replacement options reflected its understanding of the diverse and evolving needs of its user base.

In addition to the SSU 2000, other Symmetricom timing systems benefited from a robust ecosystem of replacement parts. Timing cards, featuring advanced technologies and precision components, were designed to integrate seamlessly into existing systems, ensuring minimal downtime during upgrades or maintenance. The modular nature of Symmetricom’s timing systems allowed users to tailor their replacements to align with the specific requirements of their network infrastructure.

Symmetricom’s commitment to supporting legacy systems was not solely about providing replacement parts. The company recognized the importance of comprehensive service and support to guide customers through the process of upgrading or maintaining their timing infrastructure. Technical assistance, documentation, and training resources were readily available, empowering users to make informed decisions and maximize the longevity of their Symmetricom timing systems.

In conclusion, the availability of replacement parts, timing cards, and chassis for Symmetricom timing systems, including the SSU 2000, exemplified the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and long-term support. As technological landscapes evolved, Symmetricom ensured that its customers could adapt and thrive by offering a comprehensive suite of replacement options. This commitment not only preserved the operational integrity of existing systems but also reinforced Symmetricom’s legacy as a trusted provider of precision timing solutions.

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