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TimePictra® / TimeCraft Timing Management Software

As timing and synchronization grow in importance in critical infrastructure networks, centralized management of this vital function has become essential to network operations. Microchip® TimePictra® is a modular web-based synchronization management system that scales and evolves with operational requirements.



Time Monitor


With a multi-tier architecture – server, client, and database – TimePictra provides the scalability and performance to meet growing network services and business needs. The secure web browser client provides easy access and eliminates the complexity of client installation and VPN access.

5G, transportation, power utility and hyperscale data networks rely on ultra-tight time synchronization to identify threats to your secure synchronization source and distribution networks. Our TimePictra® 11 Synchronization Management System provides situational awareness to identify such threats and provides visibility to assure resilient timing for critical infrastructures.

End-To-End Visibility Of IEEE 1588 PTP

TimePictra allows network operators not only to manage the PTP Server clocks in the network, but also to monitor the health and performance of PTP Client clocks distributed throughout the network, including clients not supplied by Microchip.

Network Operations Integration

TimePictra enables integration of northbound interface using SNMP for alarm integration and TeMIP northbound for alarm and topology integration for network operators that are looking for a centralized management of multi-vendor, diverse equipment environments.
  • Web-based multi-tier software architecture
  • Comprehensive FCAPS management functions
  • Software options for advanced FCAPS features
  • Geographical topology and domain navigation
  • User preference dashboard customization
  • 3rd party PTP client management
  • SNMP and TeMIP northbound interface
  • Cost-effective deployment
  • Intuitive Web GUI for easy management
  • Scalable architecture for future expansion
  • SNMP and TeMIP northbound OSS integration
  • End-to-end PTP management
  • PTP client performance monitoring

The TimePictra software suite comes standard with a comprehensive set of features for FCAPS management. It also includes a geographical topology map, a navigation tree with domain hierarchy and a dashboard that reports alarms, inventory, user logins and license installation information.

The Configuration Manager allows authorized users to access, manage and visualize in real time all network element data and configuration updates within one application. The Configuration Manager displays information graphically at the cluster, port, module and service levels. The TimePictra platform can also add or delete client clocks and monitor their status based on sync flow detection.


The TimePictra platform provides all the features and functions needed to deploy, configure, manage, verify, visualize, and monitor a 5G network.

Infrastructure relies heavily on power and the expectations placed on power utilities continue to increase on a daily basis. By utilizing a combination of the TimePictra platform and virtual Primary Reference Time Clock (vPRTC) architectures, it becomes possible to achieve highly precise sub-microsecond time measurements while simultaneously reducing the need for GNSS dependence. This approach enables the efficient management, verification, and monitoring of critical networks.

The smooth operation of public transportation networks often hinges on the availability of highly precise timing and GNSS monitoring, particularly in remote areas where such services are critical for ensuring the continuity of other GNSS-dependent services. To meet this demand, our solution combines the TimePictra platform, virtual Primary Reference Time Clock (vPRTC) architecture, and our proprietary BlueSky™ firewall to deliver essential distribution and monitoring functions.

Much like a traditional network firewall protects against potential network attacks, a GNSS firewall serves as a safeguard against jamming and spoofing threats, notifying critical infrastructure operators of any suspicious sky-based signals. Our solution, which utilizes the TimePictra Synchronization and Management System, offers comprehensive visibility into both sky-based and network-based timing, allowing for optimal management and synchronization of critical infrastructure systems.

Time Craft

TimeCraft is a cutting-edge graphical user interface (GUI) management tool that offers FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security) functionality for the efficient management of synchronization devices. TimeCraft streamlines the use of Command Line Interface (CLI) commands and provides unparalleled management capabilities. The operator can remotely or locally control and supervise network elements through an intuitive GUI that features icons and simple point-and-click operations. Learn more here.

TimeCraft’s wide-ranging management capabilities encompass remote firmware upgrades and provisioning down to the port level, event-driven fault management, physical and logical configuration management, and performance and security management. TimeCraft is compatible with select Microchip synchronization telecommunications solutions and is supported on multiple PC operating systems.


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