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Decades of Service

Before Syncworks was established in 2002, our current leadership team already booked decades of experience in the business. Now entering our third decade, we have worked side by side with our customers, implementing synchronization advancements to their timing networks. We’ve forged a great many relationships over these years. We take exceptional pride in the work we perform in this industry, the critical community services we provide together, and the people we serve.

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Now in 2023, we find ourselves the industry leaders as a value-added reseller of Microchip equipment. We receive their highest recognition as a Diamond Partner year after year – thanks to you.

Customers we rub elbows with seem to like our unique mixture of our Southern charm, our gritty New England work ethic, and our disciplined engineering mentality.

If you’re not already a customer of ours, we invite you to trust us like so many before you have. Whether you’re looking to maintain your legacy equipment or to “rip and replace” with the latest and greatest, we are here to advise, design, install, verify, and support you. Give us a call.

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Value-Added Support

Timing support from Syncworks

Offering several options to meet your business goals and budgetary requirements, SyncCare timing support service programs ensure all synchronization and timing equipment is supported and maintained at its optimal efficiency to continue providing the most stable, robust and reliable network infrastructure.

Maximize your investment by cost effectively mitigating the risk of sync-related outages caused by end-of-life clocks. SyncCare assists in your transition to next-generation packet-based networks.

Timing is under attack from GPS spoofing to aging equipment. SyncCare makes your timing more resilient.

Instant Call Backs

Emergency and Non-Emergency

Next-Day Loaners

Single or Multi-Year Packages Available

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Unique Value-Added Process

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On-Site Warehouse

Warehouse & Shipping

Our on-site warehouse is stocked with state-of-the-art and legacy Microchip products. We test in our lab all new equipment used for our installs. Retired equipment is also tested and the software is updated.

Shipping is hyper-responsive in times of emergencies and failures of any type. Same-day air deliveries and next-day FedEx deliveries are commonplace.

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On-Site Lab

Testing Lab

Our onsite lab in Ponte Vedra Beach allows us to ensure quality and reliability for every piece of network timing equipment that leaves our office. 

Testing includes:

  • Testing for Proof of Concept
  • Testing prior to shipment
  • Testing for Installation

Our lab also enables us to troubleshoot issues and remote training for your staff.

Syncworks timing platform lab

For over two decades, we have helped our customers maintain, modernize and evolve their infrastructure. We simplify, deliver, and support the delivery of timing services over TDM and packet based technologies critical for network QoS, meeting SLAs, and for emerging applications such as 5G mobile backhaul.

Our industry-best engineering and implementation practices were developed, refined, and have been successfully proven on thousands of modernization projects across the US and Caribbean markets.

Microchip (formerly Symmetricom) has for the past seven years in a row designated Syncworks a Diamond Partner. Microchip is the global leader in synchronization and timing technology.

Syncworks maintains the largest and most diversified stocking supply of Microchip network sync & timing products to meet our customers’ every need when it comes to sync and timing technology.

Through our SyncCare support program, our customers enjoy worry-free support and ultra-responsive customer service.

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