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SyncServer® S650 Time Server

The SyncServer® S650 uses Microchip FlexPort technology to provide unmatched synchronization flexibility and performance. The GNSS-referenced S650 is easily adaptable for modern instrumentation systems and networks that require best-in-class synchronization performance for a wide range of applications.

This modular time server combines the best of time and frequency instrumentation with unique flexibility and powerful network-based and security-hardened features. The timing output flexibility provides easy replication of precise and coherent output signals, eliminating the need for a signal distribution chassis.

Microchip (formerly Microsemi) S650 & S600 NTP Server

Available Models:

  • SyncServer S600 090-15200-601
  • SyncServer S600 + OCXO 090-15200-602
  • SyncServer S600 + Rubidium 090-15200-603
  • SyncServer S600 + Dual Power Supplies 090-15200-604
  • SyncServer S600 +OCXO + Dual Power Supplies 090-15200-605
  • SyncServer S600 + Rubidium + Dual Power Supplies 090-15200-606
  • SyncServer S650+Timing I/O Module 090-15200-651
  • SyncServer S650+Timing I/O Module + Rubidium 090-15200-652
  • SyncServer S650i 090-15200-653

The modular Microchip (formerly Microsemi) S650 NTP Server combines the best of time and frequency instrumentation with unique flexibility and powerful network/security-based features. The level of timing signal flexibility is unprecedented and can even eliminate the need for additional signal distribution chassis and there is no degradation in the precise quality of the coherent output signals.

Unparalleled Flexibility

The base Timing I/O module with eight BNC connectors comes standard with the most popular Timing I/O signals  (IRIG B, 10 MHz, and 1 PPS). When more flexibility is required, the unique Microsemi FlexPort™ technology option enables six of the BNCs to output many supported signals (time codes, sine waves, programmable rates), all configurable in real-time via the secure web interface. This incredibly flexible BNC-by-BNC configuration makes efficient and cost-effective use of the 1U space available. Similar functionality is applied to the two input BNCs, as well. Unlike legacy modules with fixed count BNCs outputting fixed signal types per module, FlexPort™ technology can allow up to 12 BNCs output in any combination of supported signal types.

This level of timing signal flexibility is unprecedented, and can even eliminate the need for additional signal distribution chassis, as there is no degradation in the precise quality of the coherent output signals.


Microchip SyncServer® S650

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Key Features

  • < 15 ns RMS to UTC (USNO) through GNSS
  • < 1 × 10–12 frequency accuracy
  • Modular timing architecture with innovative FlexPort technology
  • Popular timing signal inputs/outputs are standard in the base timing I/O module (IRIG B, 10 MHz, 1 PPS)
  • Four GbE ports with NTP/PTP hardware timestamping, two additional 10 GbE ports optional
  • Secure, hardened, web-based management
  • –20°C to 65°C operating temperature, shock and vibration qualified
  • Rubidium atomic clock or OCXO oscillator upgrade
  • Additional timecode I/O including IRIG A/B/C37/E/G/NASA/2137/XR3/HaveQuick/PTTI available
  • T1/E1 telecom I/O available
  • Superior 10 MHz low phase noise options
  • Galileo/GLONASS/BeiDou/SBAS/QZSS option
  • PTP multi-port/profile output option
  • S650i model with no GNSS
  • DISA/DoDIN approved product 
Syncworks S600 Time Server from Microchip

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For over twenty years, Syncworks has been evaluating, testing, designing, and implementing timing networks for telecom, cable, utility, and enterprise customers in the US and the Caribbean. We are a well-known and trusted partner and critical supplier to major network operators.  As a diamond partner to Microchip and a skilled integrator of other vendor products, we can provide options for the most performant, resilient, and economical timing network possible. We specialize in ensuring that critical networks can survive disruptions like GPS jamming and spoofing. And we provide expert support, sparing, and repairs for everything we install leveraging the largest inventory of related products and components in the industry. 

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Syncworks delivers the highest level of expertise to every project and offers a complete menu of network synchronization products and services. Our flagship product, TimeProvider 4500 and the TimeProvider® 4100, is a gateway clock that accepts multiple inputs from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Synchronous Ethernet (SynE), and 1588 PTP Grandmaster Clock and E1/T1 digital transmission links.  

As a Microchip Diamond Partner, we maintain the largest and most diversified stocking supply of Microchip network sync & timing products to meet our customers’ every need when it comes to sync and timing technology.  

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