Syncworks Field Services

Syncworks delivers the highest level of expertise to every project and offers a complete menu of network synchronization services.

Our team of expert engineers from the telecom industry understands your needs, timelines, and concerns. We bring skills and resources to identify the condition of your existing sync network and discover what it will take to evolve it to support next-generation services.

Expert Site Surveys

Before starting an office BITS clock upgrade, Syncworks’ network sync specialists will conduct a site survey. We’ll assess the status of your current sync equipment — its operation, office wiring, records, related power and grounding, and output capacity. Then, based on the gathered data, we’ll propose a new BITS clock configuration, design layout and scope of services.

Network Sync Audits

An overview of your synchronization needs will proactively help to ensure a smooth cutover.

Our network sync audit will offer:

  • Comprehensive documentation of physical checks and traces of all outputs
  • Evaluation of redundancy systems including recommended upgrades
  • Recommendations for proactive system changes before a cutover

Sync Performance Measurements

Helping you avoid network down time, we have equipment and personnel to make precision synchronization measurements from remote locations to cell sites or customer locations. We quantify and compare the accuracy and stability of synchronization and suggest updates to improve quality at problem sites. These analyses can also be used as a precautionary measure to detect previously unidentified problems.

Engineering Specifications

Syncworks provides the engineering specifications for the work required to upgrade your network. These typically include:

  • Equipment
  • Rack Space
  • Operating Power
  • Grounding
  • Network Wiring and Routing

Engineering Support

We’re here to ensure your network uptime and smooth cutovers.

You have direct access to Syncworks’ support for answers to all your setup, provisioning and operational questions specific to your office timing. Our team adjusts to meet your unique needs, complementing your internal staffing resources with our helpful, knowledgeable experts.

Method of Procedure (MOPs)

Your network is unique, so we’ve developed best practices and custom procedures to address the specific steps and sequence necessary to ensure your installation, commissioning and cutover is accomplished with minimum impact or disruption to on-site operations.

Installation & Commissioning

We complete the installation, power-up and provisioning of new sync equipment, manage integration with legacy equipment during conversion and conduct thorough testing and documentation of the functionality of the newly synced equipment (pre and post conversion).

Sync Cutovers

We’re known for our professional practices — managing the hands-on signal qualification, phase alignment, element provisioning and other factors required to produce hitless cutovers of any size offices.


Accurate and complete timing records are necessary to safeguard your future operation and growth. Syncworks is known for delivering clear and accurate records.

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