Syncworks DS1 Input/Output Panel


Syncworks T1 I/O Panel

Expand Your Network Capabilities

The Syncworks T1 I/O Panel is designed to specifically meet our customer’s need to continue supporting legacy synchronization needs in today’s small and large offices, by expanding the number of T1 outputs by 20 provided by any T1 clock/sync sources, e.g. the Microchip TimeProvider 4100.

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The Syncworks’ DS1 I/O Panel’s unique T1 clock input design interfaces with dual and independent T1 outputs from the T1 clock sources to expand the system’s total number of available T1 outputs to include the 20 T1 outputs; 10 of the T1 outputs replicate the T1 signal on the Primary Input and 10 of the T1 outputs replicate the T1 signal on the Secondary Input.

The panel has redundant power connections, Power A and Power B, to accept -48VDC from the office battery system. The panel has dual T1 Inputs, the Primary Input and the Secondary Input, that are connected to a Timing Signal Generator, e.g. TP4100 T1 outputs; the two inputs can have the same framing type, Super Frame (SF), Extended Super Frame (ESF), and ESF with Sync Status Messaging (SSM) or different framing types. Once both T1 inputs are connected, the panel provides 20 T1 Outputs, 10 associated with the Primary Input and 10 associated with the Secondary Input.

The panel provides alarm indicators/LEDs for each power input, each T1 input, and the 20 T1 outputs; if any alarm condition is detected the Alarm LED and Alarm Relay will be activated for
remote monitoring of the panel, the alarm will remain active until the source of the alarm condition is resolved.

The Syncworks T1 I/O Panel comes with reversible rack ears that allow it to be mounted in either 19″ or 23″ equipment racks and the panel height will require 2RU (rack units) of rack space that will aid in equipment ventilation and cable management.

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Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 in

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