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We lead the industry for turnkey PTP/NTP timing systems and GPS security.

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Syncworks’ unique turnkey solution includes better technology, better support, better service.

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For almost three decades, Syncworks has evaluated, tested, designed, and implemented GPS and timing networks in the US and Caribbean. As the nation’s leading value-added reseller, a stocking distributor, and a well-known, trusted partner to major critical infrastructure operators, we are America’s timekeeper.

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TimeProvider 4500

Microchip TimeProvider® 4500

As a Microchip Diamond Partner, you can expect our best-in-class service wrapped around their superior technology. The TimeProvider 4500 series offers the flexibility to connect to various generations of network elements to protect earlier investments in hardware. An operator can connect the TP4500 to any combination of 1 GbE, 10 GbE and 25 GbE network devices. As network equipment is being upgraded to support a minimum of 10 Gbps, and in some cases up to 100 Gbps, the TP4500 provides the necessary high-speed bandwidth to support the requirements of the latest systems.

Microchip TimeProvider® 4100

The TimeProvider 4100 is designed to serve as an IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) grandmaster clock, using PTP to distribute highly accurate timing information. Highly flexible and configurable to meet your applicational needs and requirements.

NTP Secure Timing

SyncServer S650

Microchip SyncServer® 6×0

The modular Microchip (formerly Microsemi) S650 NTP Server combines the best of time and frequency instrumentation with unique flexibility and powerful network/security-based features. The S600 has four dedicated and isolated GbE Ethernet ports, each equipped with NTP hardware time stamping.

“We needed solutions necessary to supply NTP to a distributed 4G wireless network as well as PTP for newer 5G deployments incorporating thousands of locations.​ Syncworks provided great pre-sales support and engineering services to ensure we got the right systems. Their installation services were and continue to be great. And their help migrating to PTP for 5G reduced our overall spend.” 


– Major US Wireless Provider

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