Audit - Design - Build - Manage

Syncworks’ unique turnkey solution includes better technology, better support, better service.

GPS Resiliency

Rising threats and government mandates make security a priority. Let us remove all doubt.

SyncCare Support

Critical issues demand a rapid response. SyncCare offers expert 24/7 support.

Audit Design Build Manage

Our turnkey process simplifies your sync and timing.

SyncCare Support

Critical issues demand a rapid response. SyncCare offers 24/7 support almost immediately.

Value-Added Timing Experts

21 : 24: 10: 824

Over the last three decades, we’ve perfected our process to ensure Stratum 1 traceability across your network. With a better box, better service, and better support, reliability and resiliency are assured.

Better Box - Microchip's TimeProvider 4100 is lab-proven and future-proof.

Better Support - SyncCare delivers 24/7 expert support, training, and loaners.

Better Service - Our dedicated people are timing experts from antennas to alarms.

Syncworks recognized Microchip Diamond Partner

Best-In-Class Support

Timing support from Syncworks

We wrap our superior support around advanced Microchip products for a holistic approach to your network timing. Together, you get a tailored and reliable solution.

Technical Assistance

Syncworks will provide web-based, email, and telephone software support for trained and authorized Customer personnel.

Help Line Support

All phone calls to the Help Line will be answered immediately or returned within 60 minutes.

Software Upgrades

Remote and in-field support to assist in upgrading firmware versions in hardware and software upgrades for PC-based applications.

Software Bug Fixes and Patches

Remote and in-field support to assist in upgrading firmware and software.

Loaner Program

Stay Stratum 1 traceable with a complementary loaner while we work towards the permanent solution.

Best-In-Class Timing: TimeProvider® 4100

Best-In-Class Value Adds


Vulnerability Studies


Turnkey Solution


Monitoring Validations


Field Services Installations


Detailed Engineering



Best-In-Class Legacy Equipment

five logos of retired timing manufacturers
Five logos from retired timing equipment companies

Sync & Timing Expertise

GPS Protection Solutions

PRTC and 3rd Generation BITS

Secure your network for a rapidly changing world.

Syncworks Timing Extras

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