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Regulatory and user requirements for data centers timing and synchronization demand sub-microsecond sequential time stamps. Time stamping precision and accuracy is critical not only across servers in a data center, but also between data centers in a network. From hyperscale applications to colocation data center clients, we offer a full range of timing solutions, including the Virtual Primary Reference Clock (vPRTC), that ensure precise, accurate, secure and resilient time.

Timing and Synchronization Solutions for All Data Center Applications

Hyperscale Data Center

  • Thousands of servers owned by one entity
  • Hosted cloud services
  • Clients lease capacity and services

Recommended Products:

  • BlueSky™ GNSS Firewall
  • Cesium atomic clocks
  • NTP servers and/or PTP grandmasters

Colocation Data Center Provider

    • Multiple servers colocated in one structure
    • One entity owns structure, utilities and services
    • Clients place hardware in cages
    • Clients lease infrastructure, utilities and services
    • Provide time or GPS as service to clients

    Recommended products:

    • BlueSky GNSS Firewall
    • Cesium atomic clocks
    • NTP servers and/or PTP grandmasters

    Colocation Data Center Client

        • Clients place hardware in cages
        • Clients lease infrastructure and services
        • Control your own timing

        Recommended Product:

        • SyncServer® S600 time server with
        • Embedded 72-channel receiver
        • Embedded rubidium
        • PTP or NTP distribution
      Glossary of Terms IT Data Center

      Industries Served


      • Transport
      • Fiber and Copper Access
      • 5g and Private 5G
      • IoT and Edge


      • Hyperscale cloud providers
      • High performance financial networks


      • CMTS
      • Fiber
      • Wireless


      • Digital and hybrid substations
      • Smart Grid
      • Distributed energ resource integration


      Scope of Services

      Antenna Installation

      • Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Points
      • Microwave non-LOS and PTP
      • LTE Fixed Wireless Access
      • GPS
      • SCADA and IoT

      Radio Commissioning

      • Microwave PMP, PTP, non-licensed
      • Private LTE and CBRS

      ICT Infrastructure

      • Firewalls
      • Routers
      • Ethernet switches
      • TDM and WDM muxes
      • Timing equipment
      • Fuse panels
      • Cross-connect panels


      • Secondary Power
      • Structured Cabling
      • Coax/Ethernet Cabling
      • On-prem fiber

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