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Unique and proven on over 2,000 telecom, cable, and critical infrastructure projects.

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Syncworks Advantages

For over two decades, Syncworks has designed, built, and managed synchronization and timing for the telecom, cable and utilities industries. We are known for flawless execution in providing world-class synchronization solutions that are tailored for your success.  

As a value-added reseller and Microchip Diamond Partner, our one-of-a-kind SyncCare and Field Services ensures your network timing equipment is installed, tested, and monitored correctly. 

We also have the largest Microchip product warehouse stocked with NTP/PTP timing platforms including the SSU2000 and the TimeProvider 4100. Retired timing parts from Symmetricom, Datum, Telecom Solutions, and Microsemi brands are either sold a used or refurbished.  

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