SSU 2000 Rubidium Clock Card In Stock

SSU 2000 Rubidium Clock Card In Stock

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Syncworks warehouses the largest collection of retired network sync and timing equipment. Please call the main number for availability, lead time, and price for all SSU 2000 Rubidium clock cards.

The SSU 2000 Rubidium Clock Card is a timing and synchronization component used in synchronization systems. It is designed to provide highly accurate and stable frequency and time references for various applications. The Rubidium Clock Card utilizes rubidium atomic clocks, which are highly stable and reliable sources of timekeeping. These clocks are based on the natural oscillation of rubidium atoms and provide excellent long-term stability.

The SSU 2000 Rubidium Clock Card is typically used in synchronization systems where precise and synchronized timing is critical, such as telecommunications networks, broadcasting, power utilities, and scientific applications. It is often used in conjunction with other timing and synchronization equipment to ensure accurate and synchronized operation across multiple devices or systems.

The card is designed to be compatible with the SSU 2000 Synchronization Supply Unit, which is a comprehensive synchronization system used in various industries. The Rubidium Clock Card is installed within the SSU 2000 system to enhance its timing capabilities and provide highly accurate and stable synchronization signals.

network atomic clock encased in a portable card with circuit board visible


SSU 2000 – The Industry Workhorse

Overall, this is a specialized component used in synchronization systems to achieve precise and reliable timing for critical applications.

T1 (DS1) Output Cards and Capabilities

The T1 output card has 20 ports. The T1 output card generates phase-locked output signals of 1.544 MHz.

Composite Clock Output Card

The Composite Clock output card generates 20 signal pairs (TIP and RING signal pairs). Each output is a transformercoupled symmetrical pair. Each output pair can be turned off independently of other channels. Relays on each output allow for disconnecting the driver output from the output pins.

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