Insights From a Lifetime of Timing Support

As a service company, part of our daily rutine is to provide technical expertise to our customers. We have seen coming across a variety of troubles. Research and analysis of support tickets have unveiled why timing support is critical. There are two primary culprits behind system failures: power loss and timing loss. Of these, timing loss stands out as the more manageable and predictable challenge.  

Syncworks is a nationwide reseller of Microchip timing platforms – new and legacy. The depth and breadth of the timing support tickets our team resolves in a year probably represent a lifetime of alarms that the average NOC engineer will see. The timing platforms range from the latest Microchip TimeProvider® 4100, SSU 2000, legacy TimeProvider® models 5000, 1100, 1000, and legacy brands now owned by Microchip including Microsemi, Symmetricom, Telecom Solutions, Datum, Larus.

In the dynamic landscape of modern technology, where every nanosecond counts, the reliability and precision of network timing equipment are paramount. In financial transactions, telecommunications and critical infrastructure, accurate timing synchronization ensures seamless operations and optimal performance. However, the significance of having robust support for network timing equipment often gets overlooked. In this blog post, we delve into why having dependable support for your network timing equipment is crucial.

Must Have Benefits of SyncCare Timing Support

24/7 Technical Support
Identifying a reliable escalation point is a common challenge in addressing timing failures. With various types of equipment, finding timely support can be difficult. Syncworks, with over 20 years of experience, specializes in timing expertise. Our team acts as a bridge between customers and manufacturers, having worked closely with timing manufacturers to enhance our knowledge. We offer around-the-clock support for both legacy and current timing equipment to share our expertise across the industry.

Maintaining Reliability
As timing systems age, replacement cards are often found via non-certified rellers . These cards often are delivered on outdated software, replacing these cards in a unit, especially in large BITS clocks, can cause software mismatches. These mismatches can cause significant problems on a shelf, where different cards fail or toss alarms that originally did not have a problem.

Ensuring Precision and Accuracy:
In sectors such as finance, telecommunications, and broadcasting, even the slightest deviation in timing can have significant consequences. Network timing equipment must maintain precise synchronization across distributed systems to ensure seamless data transmission and processing.

Network Audits
A valuable part of support is network audits, timing involves complex equipment, knowing when to upgrade and what units are at risk of failure is sometimes hard to determine. With Syncworks, regular timing audits are available and can help with network evolution and risk mitigation.

Facilitating Seamless Upgrades and Maintenance
Technology is constantly evolving, with new advancements and updates emerging regularly. Having the latest software on any timing equipment is strongly recommended, this proactive approach will ensure that when something fails, a replacement can easily be integrated with little to no overall performance issues. A reliable support team can assist in evaluating new technologies, planning upgrades, and executing maintenance tasks with minimal disruption to operations.

Resilient Timing for 5G

Additional Benefits of Network Timing Support

Enabling Proactive Monitoring and Troubleshooting
In an age where downtime is costly and customer expectations are high, proactive monitoring and troubleshooting are essential for maintaining the health and performance of network infrastructure. A dedicated support team can utilize timing network audits to accurately see potential fail points in any timing system, whether it be outdated oscillators, outdated software or a lack of hardware redundancy.

Legacy Support
Legacy timing equipment is often overlooked, until a problem arises. Once a failure occurs, parts are typically hard to find, and the people who knew how to trouble shoot these devices have retired. Having a timing provider that can offer support on legacy equipment is essential.

Loaner Support
When a timing emergency occurs, companies have a small window of time to solve a problem, this often causes emergency funds to be distributed. Sometimes these funds are not easily allocated, especially for small companies, having a timing provider that offers loaner support can be a lifesaver. Syncworks will ship a card or unit, which will allow the emergency to be properly diagnosed and solved without the stress of locating funds or prolonged interrupted services.

In conclusion, the importance of having robust support for network timing equipment cannot be overstated. From maintaining reliability and accuracy to ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and mitigating security risks, reliable support is essential for the seamless operation of communication networks. By investing in dependable support services, organizations can optimize performance, enhance security, and future-proof their infrastructure in an increasingly interconnected world.

Joshua Sherrill

Joshua Sherrill

Applications Engineer, Syncworks