Town of Ganado, Texas with a man sitting on a telephone line.

Latest Episode Excerpt

Russell Kacer, President of YKC in Ganado, Texas, shares photos and the stories of the first office. It was purchased from the Sears & Roebuck catalog, as was the switch. Then a story about his would-be grandmother, Jean, who worked the switch overnight while sleeping on a cot next to it. She took the job after her husband died in WWII and left her with two young girls to support. That’s where she met her husband, Russell’s grandfather Raymond Young.

About Voices

“Voices on the Line” captures the stories of the people and places who fostered the growth of our industry over the last several decades. “Voices” is a heartfelt time capsule of the golden age of America’s great rural telecom industry. Production of episodes will continue until December 2024.

Meet Your Hosts – Lifelong Telecom Professionals

Less like an interview and more like a conversation, your stories will be appreciated by our Syncworks hosts who’ve been there.

Dave Spellman

Dave Spellman

VP Business Development

Dave is a polished professional and you would be hard pressed to find someone who relished the rural telecom industry’s golden years more than he. Dave continues to set the standard when it comes to delighting customers. His expertise and love of the industry’s people and technology is not lost on anyone who shares some time talking with Dave.

Rob Jodrie

Rob Jodrie

Technical Support Manager

Rob is a true warrior in the business. Overnight cutovers, middle of the night support calls. Rob has been supporting telecom professionals his whole professional life. He began working in the telecommunications industry with the Bell System in 1982. After working for 15 years as a Central Office Technician, he was promoted to a Tier II Technical Support role with Verizon before joining Syncworks.

Dave Barbush

Dave Barbush


Dave has a long history of story telling via film and video. Dave spent a decade working on Hollywood films and television shows including the first HD film ever, “The Rosanna Show,” and the first season of “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.”

Did You or Do You Still Have One of These Legacy Brands?

Let’s Talk About It!

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Three Reasons to Add Your Voice

Common Ground

  • Shared Roots & Growth
  • Syncworks Has Many Rural Customers
  • There’s A Lot To Be Proud Of

Now's the Time

  • Mergers Are Wiping Out Original Brands
  • Fiber Is Evolving the Landscape
  • Founders & “Lifers” are Retiring

Keeping It Simple

  • Interviews via Teams
  • Reasonable Time Requests on Interviewees
  • Individual Short Stories /Time Capsules

What’s In It For You?

You’ll receive your episode fully edited, the raw footage if you like. We can also offer you technical assistance for posting your story on your digital channels.

No fee.
No time limit on when you can record your history. This is a long-term project.
No limit on how many people can be interviewed as long as it is all on the same Teams meeting.

How Will We Use Your Content?

Our intent is to edit each telecom’s raw interview footage into their individual stories as episodes. After all the episodes are completed, we will combine it into one long form video.

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