Voices on the line


the history of America’s
Rural Telecom industry

A documentary-style webinar series consisting of stories from rural telecom providers about the founding and growth of their service along with the evolution of the technology.

Contact Dave Barbush, Producer

Email Dave at dbarbush@syncworks or call him direct at (904) 567-7123

What’s Required From You?

We want you to enjoy this and also make it as friction-less as possible. Telecom folks are busy, so a 30-minute time slot for your interview via Microsoft Teams is all we need. You can have as many people in the recorded meeting as you like. You can download the questions here and you can decide which ones are most relevant to you, or come up with your own as long as they fit into the big picture. Speaking of pictures. We would love yours and any videos you can be share. Finally, a waiver to use your recording is required to be signed by all interviewees.

What Happens to my Content?

You will get the raw and the final edited Teams recording of your interview to use as you like. Our intent is to use  the clips in whole or in part to share with our audiences via LinkedIn, YouTube, emails, and on our site.

It’s Now or Never

Your history is our history. For over two decades, we have worked side by side with the rural telecom community and together we have grown the industry. Now, as time marches on, we see the old guard retiring, old company names disappearing, and great founder stories getting lost. We would like to create a timeless piece that captures all of these facets of our essential industry while it captures the bigger story of American ingenuity and grit at its best. Please join us and add your voice.

Three Reasons to Believe

Common Ground

  • Shared Roots & Growth
  • Syncworks Has Many Rural Customers
  • There’s A Lot To Be Proud Of

Now's the Time

  • Mergers Are Wiping Out Original Brands
  • Fiber Is Evolving the Landscape
  • Founders & “Old Timers” are Retiring

Keeping It Simple

  • Interviews via Teams
  • Reasonable Time Requests on Interviewees
  • Individual Short Stories /Time Capsules
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