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With our experience of over thousands of GPS installs, professional installation of this critical timing component is assured. As part of our turnkey solution for network timing, our Field Services includes GPS antenna installation simulators, repeaters, receivers, antennas and infrastructure.

GPS antenna installs are a key component to your network. With Syncworks’ dedicated technicians well-versed in installs for all types of building access, grounding needs, ingress points, and weather conditions, your GPS antenna will be installed to the highest standards.

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Syncworks network sync and timing

GPS Antenna Installation For Microchip Timing Equipment

TimeProvider® 4100

TimeProvider® 1100

TimeProvider® 5000

SSU 2000

SyncServer 6x0

TimeSource 35x0

When a clock goes in holdover due to a failed GPS signal, the cause can be range from a failed ground, a delamination of a printed board, a loose connection, a failed antenna head, or interference from a natural source. Correct antenna positioning is vital to timing reliability.

A GPS antenna requires a 360° visibility of the horizon.  Roof mounted antenna enable for more accurate GPS clocks since at least three satellites are required to be in view at all times to maintain timing accuracy (typically nanoseconds to UTC). Our antenna designs include this key component. Our technicians ensure the optimal location for all elements of the antenna installation.

GPS antenna installation

Field Services can retrofit your new GPS antenna using your existing hardware. 

In today’s rapidly evolving telecommunications, cable, and utility industries, precision and reliability are paramount. Ensuring accurate timing and synchronization is crucial for optimizing network performance and maintaining seamless operations. At Syncworks, we understand the critical role that GPS antenna installations play in achieving these goals. That’s why we offer a comprehensive turnkey solution designed to meet the needs of engineers responsible for timing in their networks.

About Syncworks

Syncworks is a value-added stocking reseller of PTP NTP and GPS network sync and timing equipment for critical infrastructure companies. SyncCare and Field Services ensure your network equipment is flawlessly executed and supported.  

Syncworks delivers the highest level of expertise to every project and offers a complete menu of network synchronization products and services. Our flagship product, the TimeProvider® 4100, is a gateway clock that accepts multiple inputs from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Synchronous Ethernet (SynE), and IEEE 1588 PTP Grandmaster Clock and E1/T1 digital transmission links.  

As a Microchip Diamond Partner, we maintain the largest and most diversified stocking supply of Microchip network sync & timing products to meet our customers’ every need when it comes to sync and timing technology. Microchip purchased the Microsemi, Symmetricom, Telecom Solutions brands.

As of January 1, 2024, we have expanded our Field Services to include Antenna Installation and Entrance Facility Cabling, Legacy Equipment Decom and Traffic Migration, Disposal (hazmat) Services, Radio Commissioning (MW, P-LTE, CBRS), Enterprise Wi-Fi.

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