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 How To Solve a Failed GPS Timing Source – Transcript


“The nice thing about this Time Provider 4100 is – we use the term an overlay, for example – these Time Provider 4100s, and I’ve got a picture in the next slide here that gives you a visual on this, but the important thing about it is that if you have a legacy bits clock, for example, that’s operational, but you also might have a legacy GPS system timing it that’s failed. Very common. We do a lot of this work. The old telecom solution, DCD LPR systems, they’re failing. They’re failing, they’re decades old. The nice thing is you can go in here with a Time Provider 4100 connected to an antenna, get it all fired up. We have a retrofit set up that we do where we can actually reuse some of the existing infrastructure to get this all installed. Now you got a 4100 connected to GPS, Stratrum and traceability. You can take a couple of T1 taps from it, tap time the legacy bits clock, and you’ve stopped that immediate concern of my bits clock was in holdover. I had no reference. Now I do.” – Rob Jodie

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