How to Meet the Timing Requirements for Executive Order 13905

How to Meet the Timing Requirements for Executive Order 13905

Decoding the Significance of Executive Order 13905’s Timing Requirements

In our interconnected and technology-driven world, the proper functioning of systems reliant on Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) services is pivotal for various sectors. Acknowledging the significance of these services, Executive Order 13905 was instituted with the objective of enhancing national resilience through the responsible use of Timing Requirements. This article delves into the key components of the executive order and the implications it holds for various stakeholders.


GPS Timing Requirements and Solutions

Syncworks can supply you with a turnkey PRTC solution to meet the timing requirements from Executive Order 13905. Resiliency, redundancy, and support after the sale is what will keep your timing in alignment with the demands of EO 13905.

Let’s breakdown each key objective and show how Syncworks can help you understand the implications of the intended goals.

Key Objectives and Measures of Timing Requirements Executive Order 13905:

The executive order outlines several objectives to achieve its intended goals, all centered around Timing Requirements:  

Risk Assessment and Mitigation
Government agencies and private sector entities are directed to conduct comprehensive risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities in their PNT-dependent systems. Mitigation strategies are then to be developed and implemented to enhance resilience against potential disruptions while meeting Timing Requirements.

Syncworks recommends: An audit performed by one of our Support Engineers. Here’s a link to our Sync Audits.

Public-Private Collaboration
Recognizing that PNT services are utilized across both public and private sectors, the order emphasizes the need for collaboration between government agencies and industry stakeholders. This partnership aims to facilitate information sharing, best practices, and coordinated responses in adherence to Timing Requirement.

Syncworks recommends: Let us consult on all critical infrastructure network, including public and private sectors. Here’s more information about vPRTC for Power Stations.

Additionally, Syncworks can design your network to reach the requirements of Executive Order 13905. As your timing partner, we specialize in designing and implementing efficient, secure, and scalable network solutions tailored to your specific needs. With a team of experienced professionals, we strive to deliver cutting-edge network designs that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and help your network thrive.

Backup and Redundancy
The order encourages the implementation of backup and redundancy measures to ensure the availability of PNT services even in the face of disruptions while adhering to Timing Requirements. This could involve exploring alternative sources of PNT data or technologies that can provide reliable positioning and timing information.

Syncworks recommends: Primary Reference Time Clocks (PRTC) can deliver the back up and redundancy required by OE 13905.  Low earth orbit GPS signals, rubidium or crystal clocks in a box can also provide the back up needed.  Learn more about LEO here. We can do the audit and the design of your network to meet EO 13905. After the network is validated, you can depend on SyncCare to manage the all aspects of your timing to maintain it with accuracy.

Education and Awareness
To enhance understanding and awareness of PNT vulnerabilities, the order calls for educational initiatives aimed at promoting responsible use and cybersecurity practices among users of PNT services while adhering to Timing Requirements.

Syncworks educates at every turn to help stakeholders understand the equipment and the people required for ongoing timing excellence. 

Research and Development
The executive order highlights the importance of advancing research and development efforts to strengthen the security and resilience of PNT systems. This includes exploring innovative technologies that can enhance the accuracy, reliability, and security of PNT services while meeting timing requirements for Executive Order 13905.

Syncworks recommends: support for one the leading GPS authorities in the nation, GPS World.  Their research keeps the industry informed. In fact, it was GPS World that pushed back hard on the Department of Homeland Security in this article, calling the DHS report too late, too full of errors.

We think this kind of diligence will allow the US to meet the demands of any EO that deals with sync and timing from a GPS source.

GPS satellite orbits the earth

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