Network Timing - Cable


Packet Timing For The Cable Industry

With the broadband explosion, timing for cable providers is more vital for all communities across the USA.

For over two decades, we have helped our customers maintain, modernize and evolve their infrastructure to support the delivery of timing services over TDM and packet based technologies critical for network QoS, meeting SLAs, and for emerging applications such as 5G mobile backhaul.

Our industry-best engineering and implementation practices were developed, refined, and have been successfully proven on thousands of modernization projects across the US and Caribbean markets.

Through our SyncCare support program, our customers enjoy worry-free support and ultra-responsive customer service.

TimeProvider® 4100  – State of the Art Performance for the Cable Industry

Critical infrastructure communication networks require highly accurate, resilient and secure IEEE® 1588-compliant grandmasters for precise time and synchronization to avoid interferences and to optimize the wireless spectrum. The TimeProvider 4100 series is an innovative and flexible hardware platform with unique differentiating software options and multiple operation modes that you can deploy at core sites, aggregation sites, fronthaul or backhaul. The TP 4100 is an investment in a platform that will evolve with industry needs. 

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