Microsemi Corporation
September 7, 2017

Product Discontinuance Notification (PDN) Update
Subject: Notice of Last Time Buy and Manufacture Discontinuance of some TimeProvider 5000 IMC Cards

Microsemi® (formerly Symmetricom®) offers a last time buy prior to the discontinuance of the items listed below. Unless stated otherwise in your contract, last time buy orders must be received by February 28, 2018. The products listed below have direct replacements.

If your product is not currently covered under a Microsemi service and support contract, please contact Microsemi immediately to obtain contract coverage. Last time buy for service and support contracts is April 1, 2018 and may be purchased to cover the product up to April 1, 2020.


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Manufacture Discontinuance (MD): MD means product will no longer be manufactured or available for sale beginning with the date specified above.

Last Time Order Date: Orders for this product must be received by this date.

End of Life: EOL means product will no longer be repaired or serviced except if under an extended coverage service contract.

Support Policy

Repair services will be available on a repair or replacement basis during the warranty/contract period. In the event of parts or component obsolescence, repairs will be made on a best efforts basis until the end of life. All other service options (telephone technical support, training, etc.) are available from Microsemi Frequency and Time Division’s service and support organization on a contract or case-by-case basis. Interested customers should contact the Microsemi Frequency and Time Division to check a product’s eligibility for services and any applicable terms.