SyncCare Custom

SyncCare Custom is a program that allows you to choose your options and customize the level of
support services required for your synchronization and timing systems.

Options include

  • 24/7/365 Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Support
  • Helpline Support in Under 60 Minutes
  • Advanced Replacement Support
    • Syncworks will provide Next Business Day Advanced Replacement services for failed equipment. After engaging Helpline Support due to a product failure, Syncworks will deliver a replacement product within the next 24 business hours.
  • Remote and on-demand support according to each customer’s specifications
  • Installation of Replacement Equipment
  • Equipment Loaner Program, with or without Installation
  • Annual Equipment Training
  • Annual Sync Technology and Concepts Training

Other SyncCare Details

  • Multi-year packages are available.
  • Prices vary depending on each service requested.
  • Support Fees are calculated per deployed part and are based on the level of support requested for the year in which support will be provided.
  • Syncworks and customers work together to agree upon the final list of deployed equipment for the upcoming support and coverage dates.

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