Flawless Sync and Timing

Maximize your investment by cost-effectively mitigating the risk of sync-related outages caused by end-of-life clocks. SyncCare assists in your transition to next-generation packet-based networks.

Offering several options to meet your business goals and budgetary requirements, SyncCare service programs ensure all synchronization and timing equipment is supported and maintained at its optimal efficiency to continue providing the most stable, robust, and reliable network infrastructure.

Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Support: Syncworks will provide web-based, email, and telephone software support for trained and authorized Customer personnel. Syncworks engineers deliver expert-level support to help customers troubleshoot and restore any product-level deficiencies. Syncworks TAC will provide guidance and step-by-step instructions to aid in further troubleshooting and isolating issues. Each incident will be logged and tracked in the Syncworks system. Technical assistance will be provided 24×7 for critical cases, while lower severity cases will be handled during the Customer’s local business hours.

Help Line Support: All phone calls to the Help Line will be answered or returned within 60 minutes if a support engineer is not immediately available. Customer representatives will be responsible for initially defining the severity level of the problem at the time a call for help is placed, subject to the parties each exercising a good faith effort to mutually diagnose and reassess the severity level at the request of either party or in accordance with the Operations Manual, as applicable. Syncworks telephone helpline support shall be provided by a live representative qualified to perform support services in accordance with these terms.

Software Upgrades: Syncworks can provide remote and in-field support to assist in upgrading firmware versions in hardware and software upgrades for PC-based applications.

Software Bug Fixes and Patches: Syncworks can provide remote and in-field support to assist in upgrading firmware versions in hardware and software upgrades for PC-based applications.

Loaner program: allows for Syncworks to provide equipment on “loan" to customers for use while the original is being repaired. Loaner equipment must then be sent back when permanent replacement equipment is received by the customer.

Annual equipment training: Training can be included in the support program so that technical personnel is always up to date on the latest technology and equipment capabilities. This is also valuable for new technical team members that join so that they receive training on synchronization systems and theory.

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SyncCare – Remote Technical Support

24×7 Emergency Support Call-In Procedure

To report a service-affecting issue at any time:

  • Dial 1-904-280-1234. Select Option #2 for service affecting EMERGENCIES
  • You will be prompted to leave your name, company name, call back number, e-mail address and a brief description of the service issue. The emergency messaging system will then broadcast text and email alerts to all support personnel, and you will receive a live call-back within sixty (60) minutes.
  • Please provide Serial Number of the affected equipment.

Non-Emergency Support Through Our Website

To request non-emergency support, go to www.syncworks.com, choose Support then choose Contact Our Support Team. Fill out a Support Request. You will receive a reply by the next business day.

  • You will be asked to enter the following fields:
  • Name
  • Company
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Subject 
  • Description

To ensure efficient resolution, please provide a thorough description of the service issue. 

Once submitted, an automatic reply email will be sent to you. The automatic reply email will confirm the receipt of your request and contain the Syncworks assigned case number associated with your request. Your case will be reviewed during regular business hours (Monday through Friday 8 am ET to 5 pm ET).

Customers will be contacted directly if additional information is needed. An update will be provided via email or by phone as soon as information is available.

Please provide the Serial Number of the affected equipment

Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Support with Flexible Hours

  • Helpline Support
  • Support Portal with offerings including FAQs, Service Bulletins, and access to the latest updates of each product
  • Software Revision, Bug Fix and Patch Updates
  • Extended Hardware Repair after warranty
  • Huge Replacement Inventory:
    • Syncworks is North America’s largest stocking supplier of Microchip. Our wide range of spare parts includes hard-to-find equipment, even that which has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
  • Advanced Replacement Support:
    • Syncworks will provide next business day advanced replacement services for failed equipment. After engaging Helpline Support due to a product failure, Syncworks will deliver a replacement product as soon as 24 business hours after the need for the replacement has been determined for our support team.
  • Equipment Loaner Program
  • Trainings and Tutorials for Sync Product Technology and Concepts
  • Legacy Product Tune-Up

Other SyncCare Facts

  • Multi-year packages are available.
  • Support fees are calculated per deployed part and are based on the level of support requested for the year in which support will be provided.
  • Syncworks and customers work together to agree upon the final list of deployed equipment for the upcoming support and coverage dates.

Technical Support From Syncworks

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