BITS Clocks For PTP and NTP Explained


What Are PTP and NTP BITS Clocks?

BITS (Building Integrated Timing Supply) clocks for PTP and NTP Network Timing are commonly used to provide accurate and reliable timing signals for network synchronization. They are particularly important in networks that require precise timing, such as those used for telecommunications and financial trading. 

There are two main types of network timing protocols that use BITS clocks: Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Precision Time Protocol (PTP). NTP provides millisecond accuracy. PTP provides sub-microsecond accuracy. 

NTP is a widely used protocol that allows computers on a network to synchronize their clocks with a central time server. BITS clocks can be used as a time source for NTP servers, providing a highly accurate and stable time reference for the network. 

PTP, on the other hand, is a newer protocol that is designed to provide even more precise timing for networks that require sub-microsecond accuracy. BITS clocks can also be used as a time source for PTP networks, either as a server clock or as a boundary clock that distributes time signals to other devices on the network. 

In summary, PTP and NTP BITS clocks are an essential component of network timing systems, providing accurate and reliable timing signals for NTP and PTP protocols. They play a critical role in ensuring the synchronization and performance of high-speed networks that rely on precise timing. 

Legacy BITS Clocks – Rob Jodrie Explains 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation BITS Clock Technology

Rob Jodrie is Syncworks Technical Director. With a lifetime of service in telecoms across the USA, Rob’s been in more NOC’s than most people. His presentation from our What’s New, What’s Next webinar is found below. In it, Rob illustrates how BITS clocks came into the networks and how the technology advanced to where we are today: 3rd Generation BITS.

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