Next-Generation Multiservice Access Node

The Megaplex-4 is a carrier-class, high capacity multiservice access concentrator for delivering legacy and next-generation services over PDH/SDH/SONET, or over packet switched transport networks (PSN). Its ability to handle a broad range of Ethernet, data and voice services, as well as a large variety of network technologies, in a single compact managed node, makes it an ideal core/edge solution for carriers and service providers.

The MP-4  is a perfect fit for large enterprises, utilities and transportation companies who require an efficient way to transport and provision multiple legacy and next-generation services over their high capacity pipes. Megaplex-4 can be used as a central aggregation unit for TDM and Ethernet CPEs that are connected over various access links.

The Megaplex-4 is also available with a cable management solution to reduce storage space and handling, and eliminate cable waste.

  • Modular 4U or 2U 19-inch units housing multiple I/O modules
  • Hybrid Ethernet and TDM architecture supporting various services up to STM-4/OC-12 and 10G and multi-GbE
  • Carrier-class reliability with hardware, service and system redundancy
  • Seamless migration to nextgeneration communications with service provisioning and end-toend path management
  • MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0-certified with traffic management, performance monitoring and Ethernet OAM
  • 3-tier built-in cyber security, including 802.1x and MACsec
  • Non-blocking cross connect for a high volume of DS0 channels
  • Built-in support for distance and differential Teleprotection for power utility applications
  • Omnibus for teleconferencing
  • Integral xDSL modems and Optimux cards for subscriber and main link connections
  • Pluggable x86 D-NFV server module for hosting virtual functions and applications
  • Interoperability with old TDM equipment (Nokia, Newbridge)


MP-4 Distributed NFV Applications

The Megaplex-4 offers an x86 D-NFV module for hosting virtual functions (VFs) and
applications. The D-NFV module runs on DNFV-OS, which includes standard KVM
hypervisor and OpenStack compute node to support RAD VFs and third-party
applications. RADview D-NFV Orchestrator enables easy VF download.
Supported applications include:

Virtual router for hosted public clouds and branch CPE deployments

Standard AES 256-bit cipher encryption/decryption of L2-L4 traffic

Unified threat management for provider-managed SMB services

Session Border Controller (SBC)
Manages VoIP signaling and media flows

Packet Analyzer
Troubleshooting-on-demand from the customer edge using a packet sniffer VF

WAN Optimization
Eliminates content duplication, handles compression and optimizes latency


Current System Modules 

  • ACM Alarm and Diagnostics Module (Publication # 764-120-09/11)
  • ASMi-54C Ethernet over SHDSL.bis 8-Port Module (Publication # 464-153-11/15)
  • D-NFV Virtualization Module (Publication # 464-113-12/14)
  • HS-6N, HS-12N 6/12-Channel High Speed Data Modules (Publication # 764-148-02/15)
  • HS-703 4-Channel G.703 Codirectional Data Module (Publication # 764-104-05/10)
  • HS-RN 4-Channel Low Speed Data Modules (Publication # 764-107-02/15)
  • HS-S 4-Channel ISDN “S” Interface Module (Publication # 764-119-05/10)
  • HS-U-6, HS-U-12 6/12-Channel ISDN “U” Interface Data Modules (Publication # 764-137-06/12)
  • HSF-1, HSF-2 Fiber Optic Teleprotection Modules (Publication # 764-145-02/15)
  • LS-6N, LS-12 6/12-Channel Low Speed Data Modules (Publication # 764-129-05/10)
  • M-ETH Access Gigabit Ethernet Module (Publication # 464-105-12/15)
  • M16E1, M16T1 16-Port E1 and T1 Modules (Publication # 464-142-04/16)
  • M8E1, M8T1 8-Port E1 and T1 Modules (Publication # 464-141-10/15)
  • M8SL 8-Port SHDSL E1 Module (Publication # 464-123-06/11)
  • MPW-1 TDM Pseudowire Access Gateway (Publication # 464-102-05/15)
  • OP-108C Dual Fiber Multiplexer Module for 4E1 and Ethernet (Publication # 464-103-06/14)
  • OP-34C Fiber Multiplexer Module for 16 E1 and Ethernet (Publication # 464-125-12/13)
  • SH-16 Ethernet over SHDSL/SHDSL.bis 16-Port Module (Publication # 464-124-11/15)
  • T3 T3 Multiplexer Module (Publication # 464-122-06/14)
  • TP Distance Teleprotection Module (Publication # 464-104-09/15)
  • VC-4/4A, VC-8/8A, VC-16 4/8/16-Channel PCM and ADPCM Voice Modules (Publication # 764-138-08/15)
  • VC-4/OMNI PCM Omnibus Voice Module (Publication # 764-141-01/12)
  • VC-6/LB 6-Channel PCM Voice Modules for Local Battery Telephones (Publication # 764-136-12/14)
  • VS Multiservice Module (Publication # 464-121-09/15)


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