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SyncCare is our 24/7 Comprehensive Technical Support Program

As a smaller support-based company, Syncworks places no higher priority than ultra-responsive Customer Service.  We are close knit team of Sync professionals that operates with the common goal of providing an industry leading Service and Support experience. SyncCare is our commitment to that principle and our promise to the customer.  No other company is more capable, prepared or willing to handle your diverse clocking needs.

The primary focus of SyncCare is to help customers cost effectively mitigate the risk of Sync related outages caused by end-of-life clocks and assist their transition to next generation packet based networks. Synchronization isn’t a revenue generating aspect of the network and is almost always underfunded or overlooked in budgetary considerations. 

In an industry-wide trend, clocking devices are having their service lives extended well past their originally intended decommissions. While they may remain in effective working order, these aging clocks have often outlived their manufacturer warranties, support contracts and supply of spare parts.  Without access to these resources and the ability to appropriately respond, small clocking issues can quickly evolve into widespread service outages.

Most Sync and Timing related outages are very much preventable with proper preparation and support.  All of our SyncCare service offerings are intended to help you mitigate the risks associated with an aging network infrastructure and ensure a consistent, accurate timing reference.

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Technical Support

24×7 Comprehensive Technical Support and Troubleshooting

Year round access to expert advisement and assistance.

  • Including, remote Diagnostics and Troubleshooting from the Syncworks Lab

Emergency Engineer Dispatching

In the event of unmanageable critical circumstances, our experienced Sync Engineers can be dispatched for emergency on-site support

Comprehensive Technician Training

Keeping your Technicians educated and up to speed with personalized training sessions offered in your facility or remotely.

Hardware Support

Extended Hardware Warranties

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable after initial hardware warranties expire, protect your equipment with Extended Hardware Warranties from Syncworks.

  • With most new hardware warranties only lasting 24 months, your equipment will be unprotected in no time.

Spare Parts and Replacements

Spare Parts and Replacements capable of supporting ALL Clocks

  • From brands like Symmetricom, Telecom Solutions, Datum, Larus, Austron, HP and more…
  • Providing the parts needed to keep your existing clocks in service longer.

Advanced Part Replacement

Syncworks has gone to great lengths to amass one of the largest Synchronization equipment inventories in the world.  For years, we have collected and tested Clocks and clocking components to support our customers’ diverse equipment portfolio. Take advantage of this comprehensive Sync inventory by purchasing an APR Support plan that removes the need for spare parts on initial orders.

  • We use our field experience and calculated data to manage our spares inventory. Through metrics like “average time between failure” and “average time to repair” we are able to continuously maintain a support inventory capable of supporting all of your components currently in service.

Buying spare parts is a thing of the past, let us stock the spares for you and overnight them when needed.

  • As an FAA Known Shipper we regularly fly critical parts cross-country, same-day via commercial Air Cargo services from Delta, American, United and Southwest Airlines.
  • If you would prefer to “own” your spares, Syncworks can hold the units as “Goods in Trust” until needed to ensure the spares don’t go missing or get repurposed for another project.

Advanced Loaner PRS System

For the worst case scenario of complete reference loss and total office outages, we are prepared with an Emergency PRS System featuring a self-reliant power supply and ship-ready protective case. Ready at a moment’s notice and capable of supporting a full size central office.  

Next-Generation Migration Consultation

Free Service Included with all SyncCare Support Contracts

Syncworks consultative services are designed to help our customers navigate the multiple complications surrounding network modernization and the transition to IP. With unmatched experience and expertise in this area, Syncworks understands every possible challenge you may face and ensures a smooth, issue free process.

  • Assisting with the conversion from Sonet to Packet, IPTV & Softswitch Applications, and SmartGrid modernization efforts.

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