SSU 2000/SSU 2000e NTP Server Kit

SSU 2000/SSU 2000e

NTP requirements in telecommunication networks have rapidly evolved from a “best effort” utility to mission critical. With high performance NTP server cards the SSU 2000/SSU 2000e platform delivers carrier-grade NTP to meet demanding next generation network requirements. The NTP server cards provide the performance, scale, availability and security that assure high QoS delivery of advanced services such as IPTV, multimedia content delivery and residential small cells, as well as distributed BSS/OSS operation.

The NTP server cards are fully integrated into the SSU 2000/SSU 2000e platform. NTP cards can be installed as single servers or redundant pairs in any available master or expansion shelf output slot. NTP capacity scales up at a rate of up to 1000 fully authenticated transactions per second (TPS) or up to 1500 unauthenticated TPS for each added card. Front-access NTP traffic ports utilize Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) modules for flexibility to support 100/1000BaseT electrical or 1000Base-X optical interfaces. NTP server cards can support both independent public and private network domains, providing added security and flexibility. All configuration and management is consolidated through SSU 2000 system management ports to maintain security and isolation from NTP traffic ports.

NTP cards for SSU 2000/SSU 2000e provide superior stability and protection through direct connection to the system backplane. NTP Stratum level 1 UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) traceability is established through the GNSS or GPS input card. NTP Cards for SSU 2000 can also operate at NTP Stratum level 2 with UTC time traceability back to a NTP Stratum 1 card located in another office.

Product Line:

  • NTP Srvr Card (23413325-000-0)
  • NTP Srvr Card Kit w/ sngl-mode optl SFP (990-13325-01)
  • NTP Srvr Card Kit w/multi-mode optl SFPs (990-13325-02)
  • NTP Srvr Card Kit w/ 100/1000 Base T SFPs (990-13325-03)
  • Rdnt NTP Srvr Card Kit w/o SFPs (990-13325-10)
  • Rdnt NTP Srvr Card Kit w/sngl-mode optl SFP (990-13325-11)
  • Rdnt NTP Srvr Card Kit w/multi-mode optl SFPs (990-13325-12)
  • Rdnt NTP Srvr Card Kit w/ 100/1000 Base T SFPs (990-13325-13)

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