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The refurbished 23413016-001-0 integrates with the SSU-2000 Synchronization Supply Unit is a high-performance, Synchronization Status Messaging (SSM)-compliant Timing Signal Generator (TSG) or Synchronization Supply Unit that provides network synchronization signals for the telephone and telecommunications industry. The 23413016-001-0 is for the SSU-2000 product line.

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SSU 2000 Features:
  • RealTimePlus Performance
  • SmarTimePlus Switchover Technology
  • Reference Pass-Through if Clocks Fail
  • Seamless Integration of Future Upgrades

The SSU-2000 23413016-001-0 is an intelligent, fully manageable Synchronization Supply Unit or Timing Signal Generator. Designed in a NEBS-compliant package, it utilizes the latest hardware and software integration technologies. It is used by telecom network operators to generate and distribute superior synchronization signals for advanced network services.

The SSU-2000 23413016-001-0 architecture is designed to accept intelligent functional modules in a flexible, fully redundant approach to seamlessly satisfy future requirements. Each SSU module has an integrated CPU with software for superior reliability, flexibility, and functionality. Modules can be removed or inserted while the unit is operating without any degradation of the output signals. Each module supports the management of critical, major, and minor alarms. Powerful management can be performed to and within each module through the communication module.

The GPS Plus Input Module:
. Flattens the number of levels in the sync distribution hierarchy
. Improves the overall performance of the network
. Lowers the overall OAM&P costs (Oper., Admin., Maint., and Provisioning).
. Single unit Primary Reference Source (PRS)
. Time Of Day (TOD) through the Network Time Protocol (NTP)

The communication module provides powerful fault, configuration, accounting/ inventory, performance, security, and other optional management functions and supports the following embedded management interfaces over EIA-232 and/or Ethernet ports:
. Interactive ASCII
. TL1
. SNMP (optional)

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