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Originally produced by Telecom Solutions, the DCD line of BITS clocks (DCD-523; DCD-400) is one of the most widely used and recognizable clocks in North America. The DCD clocks serve as a common source for the frequency and phase sync necessary in any digital network element, transmission, or switching. The DCD line of clocks is also known for its reliability. The DCD clock provides the necessary bridge in timing (holdover) and allows the network to continue to operate slip-free for several hours or days depending on the clock.

The DCD clocks were also designed to facilitate modular growth. DCD systems can be as simple as one master shelf. Up to three expansion shelves can be added to the master shelf, and output slots may be equipped as needed.

ST2E Clock card part # R090-40017-02
ST3E Clock card part # R090-40019-01

TOTA part # R090-40012-02
TOCA part # R090-40011-02

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ST2E Clock card part # 090-40017-02
ST3E Clock card part # 090-40019-01

TOTA part # 090-40012-02
TOCA part # 090-40011-02

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