SyncServer S100

Product has been Manufacture Discontinued and Replaced by SyncServer S600 and SyncServer S650

GPS Network Time Server – Part Number: 1520R-S100

The SyncServer® S100 is a GPS network time server designed for small and medium sized enterprises that require extremely accurate and reliable time delivered to their clients, servers and workstations from a highly-responsive NTP service over an IPv4 or IPv6 compliant network.



Symmetricom’s SyncServer® S100™ GPS Network Time Server synchronizes clocks on servers and workstations for small to medium sized enterprises. Accurately synchronized clocks are critical for network log file accuracy, security, billing systems, electronic transactions, database integrity, VoIP, and many other essential applications.

Easy To Set Up and Maintain

Once the IP address has been assigned the SyncServer S100 is easy to configure via very intuitive web interface.

Flexibility and Performance

The S100 supports a wide range of network protocols including IPv4 and IPv6, for easy management and seamless integration into your existing and future network. The high speed NTP processor and a nanosecond clock assure NTP performance for all essential network clients.

Assured Perfect Timing

The Stratum 1 level S100 derives extremely accurate time directly from the atomic clocks aboard the GPS satellite system. Reliability is further enhanced via Stratum 2 operation by retrieving time from other user-designated time servers. All SyncServers can be upgraded to an internal Rubidium atomic oscillator to keep the time server accurate if the GPS signal is lost.

Bottom Line

The SyncServer S100 is the value minded, budget constrained IT manager’s answer to bringing perfect timing to their network

Key Features

  • GPS referenced NTP Time Server
  • Stratum 1 Operation Via GPS Satellites
  • Stratum 2 Operation via NTP Servers
  • IPv6 and IPv4 Compatible
  • Secure Web-Based Management
  • SSH, SSL, SCP, SNMP v3, Custom
  • MIB, HTTPS, Telnet, and more
  • Nanosecond time accuracy to UTC
  • Single Satellite Timing
  • Dual USB ports
  • Two-Year Warranty

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