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We stock a large inventory of used parts and equipment from brands like Symmetricom, Telecom Solutions, Datum, Larus, Austron, HP and more…

Syncworks is proud to offer a large volume and variety of used parts, accessories, wire and cable to grow and maintain your network.  With our large inventory and industry leading expertise, Syncworks is prepared to help you tackle any obstacle.

DCD, TS3000, PRR-10, TSG-3800, LARUS

ImageProductPart NumberDescriptionConditionMFG
DCD090-40001-01DCD 400 Main ShelfUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-40010-01DCD CIUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-40011-02DCD TOCA UsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-40012-02DCD TOTA UsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-40014-01DCD FAUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-40014-02DCD AIUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-40015-02DCD MCAUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-40015-03DCD MCA-2UsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-40017-01DCD ST2UsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-40017-02DCD ST2EUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-40019-01DCD ST3EUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
dcd-523 / dcd-400DCD090-40020-02DCD TNCUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-40021-01DCD SCIUUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-40023-01DCD TOLAUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-40027-01DCD TOEAUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-40050-01DCD RTHCUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-45010-50DCD DCIM-TUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-45010-58DCD MRC-TUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-45012-52DCD TOTA-5UsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-45012-53DCD TOTA-MUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-45014-02DCD SAIUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-45015-01DCD MCA-5UsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-45015-55DCD MCA-5MUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-45018-05DCD MISUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-45029-51DCD TO-EA5UsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-45029-56DCD TO-EANUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-45100-01DCD LPR ShelfUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-45190-01DCD519 Main ShelfUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD090-45230-01DCD523 Main ShelfUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
DCD LPR090-42110-01DCD-LPR DOME ANTENNAUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
dcd-523 / dcd-400DCD LPR090-45198-01DCD-LPR Blank PanelUsedTelecom Solutions; Symmetricom
PRR1023412887-005-0PRR-10 Reference ControllerUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
PRR1023412887-007-0PRR-10 GPS Reference ControllerUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
PRR1023412895-000-0PRR-10 Status ModuleUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
PRR1023412895-001-0PRR-10 ST 2 RB ClockUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
PRR1023412896-000-0PRR-10 Alarm ModuleUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
PRR1023412899-000-0PRR-10 CC/8KHZ Output UsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
PRR1023412968-000-0PRR-10 Output Expansion CardUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
PRR1023413057-000-0PRR-10 DS1/E1 PLL OutputUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
PRR1025412900-000-0PRR-10 Main ShelfUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
PRR1025412901-000-0PRR-10 Expansion ShelfUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
SSU200023413012-000-0SSU-2000 Communications UsedDatum; Symmetricom
SSU200023413013-001-0SSU-2000 1-Port, DS1 InputUsedDatum; Symmetricom
SSU200023413013-002-0SSU-2000 3-Port, DS1 InputUsedDatum; Symmetricom
SSU200023413014-002-0SSU-2000 3-Port, E1 InputUsedDatum; Symmetricom
SSU200023413015-000-0SSU-2000 ST3E UsedDatum; Symmetricom
SSU200023413015-001-0Type I ClockUsedDatum; Symmetricom
SSU200023413016-000-0SSU-2000 ST2E RBUsedDatum; Symmetricom
SSU200023413017-000-0SSU-2000 DS1 20 OutputUsedDatum; Symmetricom
SSU200023413018-000-0SSU-2000 E1 20 OutputUsedDatum; Symmetricom
SSU200023413019-000-0SSU-2000 GPS InputUsedDatum; Symmetricom
SSU200023413159-000-0SSU-2000 2048KHz OutputUsedDatum; Symmetricom
SSU200023413292-000-0SSU-2000 Output, E1/2048UsedDatum; Symmetricom
SSU200025413020-000-0SSU-2000 19" Main ShelfUsedDatum; Symmetricom
STS 5450054501STS 54500 Small Blank UsedLARUS
STS 5450054502STS 54500 Blank PannelUsedLARUS
STS 5450054511STS 54500 Input T1UsedLARUS
STS 5450054523STS 54500 ST 2 Clk CardUsedLARUS
STS 5450054550STS 54500 IMUUsedLARUS
STS 5450054550STS 54500 ICUUsedLARUS
STS 5450054560STS 54500 AlarmUsedLARUS
STS 5450054571STS 54500 Output T1UsedLARUS
STS 5450054572STS 54500 Output CCUsedLARUS
STS 5450054574STS 54500 2.048 MHZUsedLARUS
STS 5450054593STS 54500 ST 2 GPSUsedLARUS
TSG380006566-501TSG-3800 Stratum 2 OscillatorUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380006568-501TSG-3800 Frame GeneratorUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023476554-000-0TSG-3800 DS1 InputUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023476566-001-0TSG-3800 ST 2 ClockUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023476568-000-0TSG-3800 Frame GeneratorUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023476674-000-0TSG-3800 CC InputUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023477337-000-0TSG-3800 Composite Clock OutputUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023477602-010-0TSG-3800 ETSI G.703/10 OutputUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023478272-001-0TSG-3800 ST 3 ClockUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023478272-003-0TSG-3800 ST 2.1 ClockUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023478272-004-0TSG-3800 ST 2 RB ClockUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023478297-000-0TSG-3800 Clock InputUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023478301-000-0TSG-3800 CPUUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023478301-001-0TSG-3800 CPU w/Enet UsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023478301-011-0TSG-3800 CPU UsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023478303-000-0TSG-3800 3 Port T1 InputUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023478303-002-0TSG-3800 1-Port T1 InputUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023478303-003-0TSG-3800 E1 1-Port OutputUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023478305-000-0TSG-3800 Frame GeneratorUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023478309-000-0TSG-3800 AMI OutputUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023478393-001-0TSG-3800 3 Port E1UsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023478443-000-0TSG-3800 Frame GeneratorUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380023478486-000-0TSG-3800 Frame GeneratorUsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom
TSG380025477362-000-0TSG-3800B Main Shelf, 23"UsedAustron; Datum; Symmetricom


ImageDescriptionPart #
TimeSource 3000090-72010-01
TimeSource 3000090-72010-02
TimeSource 3000090-72010-03
TimeSource 3000090-72010-04
TimeSource 3000090-72010-05
TimeSource 3000090-72010-06
TimeSource 3000090-72010-07
TimeSource 3500090-72050-01
TimeSource 3500090-72050-02
TimeSource 3500090-72050-03
TimeSource 3500090-72050-04
TimeSource 3500090-72050-05
TimeSource 3500090-72050-06
TimeSource 3500090-72050-07
SSU 2000 Main shelf 19 in/480 mm25413020-000-0
SDU 2000 Expansion Shelf 19 in/480 mm25413023-000-0
Expansion Shelf Accessories
SSU 2000 Buffer Module23413122-000-0
Clock Modules
SSU 2000 Stratum 2E Rb Clock23413016-000-0
SSU 2000 Stratum 3E Qz Clock23413015-000-0
Communications Module
SSU 2000 RADIUS Capable & SSH COMMS Card with SNMPv2/v323413012-002-0
SSU 2000 DS1 Input (1-Port)23413013-001-0
SSU 2000 DS1 Input (multi-port)23413013-002-0
SSU 2000 E1 Input (multi-port)23413014-002-0
SSU 2000 GPS Input23413019-000-0
SSU 2000 Composite Clock Input23413279-000-0
SSU 2000 20 Output DS123413017-000-0
SSU 2000 Composite Clock 20 Output23413158-000-0
SSU 2000 20 Output RS-42223413287-000-0
SSU 2000 E1/2048 Output Module (20 Outputs)23413292-000-0
SSU 2000 NTP Srvr Card23413325-000-0
SSU 2000 PTP Srvr Card23413325-001-0
Timeprovider 1000/1100TimeProvider 1100 Rear Access Main Shelf990-58101-01
Timeprovider 1000/1100TimeProvider 1100 Rear Access Expansion Shelf990-58102-01
Timeprovider 1000/1100TP 1100 GPS Antenna Kit Rear Access and TPIU unit990-58545-01
Timeprovider 1000/1100TP 1100 GPS Antenna Kit Rear Access990-58545-03
Timeprovider 1000/1100TP 1000 Quartz IOC Card090-58021-01
Timeprovider 1000/1100TP 1000 Rubidium IOC Card090-58022-01
Timeprovider 1000/1100TP 1000 IMC Card090-58031-01
Timeprovider 1000/1100TP 1000 IMC Card w/ integrated TPIU090-58041-01
Timeprovider 1000/1100TP 1000 Input Card W/W090-58061-02
Timeprovider 1000/1100TP 1000 Output Card WW090-58091-02

Spare Parts and Replacements

Spare Parts and Replacements capable of supporting ALL Clocks

  • From brands like Symmetricom, Telecom Solutions, Datum, Larus, Austron, HP and more…
  • Providing the parts needed to keep your existing clocks in service longer.

Advanced Part Replacement

Syncworks has gone to great lengths to amass one of the largest Synchronization equipment inventories in the world.  For years, we have collected and tested Clocks and clocking components to support our customers’ diverse equipment portfolio. Take advantage of this comprehensive Sync inventory by purchasing an APR Support plan that removes the need for spare parts on initial orders.

  • We use our field experience and calculated data to manage our spares inventory. Through metrics like “average time between failure” and “average time to repair” we are able to continuously maintain a support inventory capable of supporting all of your components currently in service.

Buying spare parts is a thing of the past, let us stock the spares for you and overnight them when needed.

  • As an FAA Known Shipper we regularly fly critical parts cross-country, same-day via commercial Air Cargo services from Delta, American, United and Southwest Airlines.
  • If you would prefer to “own” your spares, Syncworks can hold the units as “Goods in Trust” until needed to ensure the spares don’t go missing or get repurposed for another project.

Advanced Loaner PRS System

For the worst case scenario of complete reference loss and total office outages, we are prepared with an Emergency PRS System featuring a self-reliant power supply and ship-ready protective case. Ready at a moment’s notice and capable of supporting a full size central office.

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