The TSG-3800 family of Timing Signal Generators was originally manufactured by DATUM and is made up of a 3800 master shelf and accompanying expansion shelf. They are timing signal generators that generate and distribute network synchronization signals. Input signals can be DS1, E1, 2048 kHZ, sinusoids, or square waves.

Features Common to all Models:

Up to 12 input reference signals

Power Subsystems

Module Functionality- The TSG 3800E (19″ shelf) uses a set of EMI- compliant modules that are functionally identical to the modules available in the TSG-3800 (23″ shelf)

  • TSG-3800 (23″ Master)
  • TSG-3800X (23″ Expansion)
  • TSG-3800E (19″ Master)
  • TSG-3800EX (23″ Expansion)

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