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*Product has been Manufacturer Discontinued and Replaced by the TimeSource 3050 and TimeSource 3550

Primary Reference Source for Public Networks (T1)

TimeSource 3×00 provides your network Stratum 1 performance when locked to GPS or up to 72 hours if GPS signals are interrupted.


TimeSourceā„¢ 3×00 is a standalone office Primary Reference Source (PRS) with an integrated GPS receiver that allows your network to meet GR2830 requirements.

Stratum 1

TimeSource provides undisturbed Stratum 1 synchronization when locked to GPS. Upon loss of GPS, your network can continue Stratum 1 performance for up to 72 hours with optional inputs.

Superior Performance

The key to TimeSource 3×00's superior performance is its patented multiple input frequency locked loop BesTimeā„¢ clock engine. The BesTime engine, GPS receiver, and digitally controlled quartz local oscillator work together to produce precise timing outputs. You can add span line or remote oscillator inputs to increase system reliability and holdover performance in the event GPS signals are interrupted.

Easy to Install

The GPS antenna can be installed up to 1,000 feet from the office shelf, without amplifiers, using inexpensive thin coax cable.

Easy to Manage

You can easily manage the TimeSource 3×00 using TL1 commands or via Symmetricom'sTimeScan element manager. The system is NEBS compliant and provides Sync Status Messaging (SSM).

  • Innovative BesTime technology
  • NEBS/Telcordia certified
  • Performance monitoring measurements on inputs
  • Sync Status Messaging
  • SNTP time server
  • Programmable outputs
  • Extended Stratum 1 holdover performance with optional inputs

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