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The TimeProvider 500 is a standalone Precision Time Protocol (PTP) client that enables network service providers to accelerate the upgrade of their existing network infrastructure to accommodate the next-generation, packet-based timing and synchronization solutions. As a standalone device, TP 500 enables seemless migration of wireless base stations, DSLAM’s, LTE equipment and other end-point network devices to PTP, providing immediate cost savings and a quick return on investment.

The unit is also fully interoperable with Symmetricom’s TimeProvider 5000, TimeHub 5500 and SSU 2000 PTP Grandmaster products and with third party PTP grandmasters that comply with the IEEE 1588-2008 standard. TimeProvider 500 enables service providers to lower operating costs by rapidly migrating away from TDM to Ethernet back haul without compromising quality or service of performance.

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