SyncServer S350

*Product to be Manufactured Discontinued in Q1 2017 and Replaced by SyncServer S600 and SyncServer S650

Ultra Precise & Versatile GPS Network Time Server – Part Number: 1520R-S350

Versatile network time servers are often needed to meet the requirements for demanding, high performance network time synchronization as well as supply traditional time and frequency technology. The SyncServer® S350™ provides unsurpassed NTP performance for the IT network while being the most versatile time server in the world for traditional time and frequency applications.


When it comes to synchronizing the time on servers and workstations for large or expanding IT enterprises the S350 sets new standards for security, accuracy, reliability, redundancy and versatility in network time servers.

Multiple and Versatile Timing Configurations

The Stratum 1 S350 will automatically synchronize to GPS, IRIG, 1PPS, and 10 MHz sources. Users set the priority for smooth transition from one reference to the next if highest priority signal is lost or regained. Time code inputs/outputs include IRIG A/B/E/G/NASA36/XR3/2137 in AM and DCLS formats. An optional AM radio is available to synchronize to national time broadcasts, which can be an alternative to GPS when GPS is not viable option.

Unmatched High Performance with Unparalleled Flexibility and Security

The S350 has four dedicated and isolated Ethernet ports, one of which is Gigabit Ethernet – more than enough to meet the need of servicing thousands of NTP requests per second while maintaining microsecond caliber timestamp accuracy. Multiple ports provide the flexibility to adapt to different network topologies as networks grow and change. It supports a wide range of network protocols including IPv4 and IPv6, for easy management and seamless integration into your existing and future network. An optional upgrade to IEEE 1588 PTP grandmaster operations with hardware based, nanosecond accurate time stamping is available.

Enhanced Security – Secure and Easy Network Integration and Management