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Originally produced by Austron, which then became Datum, the PRR-10 was and continues to be a widely deployed Primary Reference Source for digital switches. The PRR-10 is designed to provide highly reliable Stratum 1 synchronization signals. It can be used as a Stratum 1 PRS for digital switches, cross-connect systems, SONET, and SDH transmission systems. The Datum PRR-10 can be effectively used as a PRS system in small and medium-sized offices, and can successfully provide the complete timing requirements of remote sites and Controlled Enivronmental Vaults.

  • Alarm Module (2341896-000-0)
  • CC/8KHZ Output (23412899-000-0)
  • DS1/E1 PLL Output (23413057-00-0)
  • GPS Reference Controller (23412887-007-0)
  • Output Expansion Card (23412968-000-0)
  • Reference Controller (23412887-005-0)
  • Status Module (23412895-000-0)
  • ST2E RB Clock (23412895-001-0)


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