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Retired Equipment

Syncworks is the largest supplier of obsolete and used parts, accessories, wires and cables. We will help you maintain and grow your network while still using legacy equipment.

TimeProvider 2x00

TimeProvider 2×00 – Symmetricom's Edge Master Clocks are advanced IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) products that are scaled and optimized for deployment at or near the mobile network edge—solutions that evolve the synchronization distribution architecture without retrofit of existing backhaul equipment or reengineering the network.

TimeProvider 500

The TimeProvider 500 is a standalone Precision Time Protocol (PTP) client that enables network service providers to accelerate the upgrade of their existing network infrastructure to accommodate the next-generation, packet-based timing and synchronization solutions. As a standalone device, TP 500 enables seemless migration of wireless base stations, DSLAM's, LTE equipment and other end-point network devices to PTP, providing immediate cost savings and a quick return on investment.

TimeSource 3x00

TimeSource 3×00 provides your network Stratum 1 performance when locked to GPS or up to 72 hours if GPS signals are interrupted.

TimeSource 3×00 is a standalone office Primary Reference Source (PRS) with an integrated GPS receiver that allows your network to meet GR2830 requirements.


The DCD-LPR is a front-end primary reference source used in conjunction with the DCD bits clock platform for synchronizing digital telecommunications networks. The entire DCD timing platform is still a very widely utilized system and due to tight current-day budgets many of these clocks are expected to serve into the foreseeable future. Syncworks has the legacy clocking experience and surplus of parts needed to keep your system running as long as possible.

DCD-523 / DCD-400