Active Splitter 1:2


Data Sheet

GPS Active Splitter Part # 58535A

Provides Dependable Signals

4:1/2:1 Active Splitters allow multiple GPS receivers to share a single antenna. Designed for both manufacturing and position/timing redundancy applications, the 58536A GPS L1 Active Splitter provides dependable signals for up to four GPS receivers. For large manufacturing facilities, the Microsemi 4 port Active Splitter 58536A can provide as many GPS-L1 (1575.42 MHz) signals as your manufacturing floor requires. With built-in amplification to overcome splitter losses, the Active Splitter can be conveniently cascaded without adding separate amplifiers and bias-tees between splitters.

  • Description: 1:2 GNSS Active Splitter N(f)
  • Manufacturer Part # 58535A


GPS Active Splitter Part # 58535A

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