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Syncworks provides a comprehensive menu of network synchronization services for your network. We bring the highest level of experience and expertise to your project.

At our core is a team of highly trained engineers from the telecom industry who understand your needs, your timelines and your concerns. We offer the resources and expertise to help you understand where your sync network is now and how to transition your sync network to support next generation services.

Site Surveys

Understanding where you are is just as important as understanding where you are going. Syncworks’ network sync experts can help you perform a site survey of your current configuration before starting an office BITS clock upgrade. We help you assess the status of your current sync equipment, its operation, office wiring, records, related power and grounding and output capacity. We then work with you based on this data to accurately develop a proposed new BITS clock configuration, design layout and scope of services.

Network Sync Audits

Network Sync Audits provide an overview of your synchronization needs to proactively ensure smooth cutovers while avoiding potential mistakes.

Syncworks provides reliable, cost-effective audits of your entire network synchronization configuration. We can help you establish the overall plan for synchronizing all sites and equipment within the network. When needed, Syncworks performs sync performance measurements at various locations to determine the quality of the transport paths and elements between sites.

  • Comprehensive documentation of physical checks and traces of all outputs
  • Evaluation of redundancy systems including recommended upgrades
  • Recommendations for proactive system changes before a cutover

Sync Performance Measurements

Syncworks can help you identify timing problems before they happen. Our Sync Performance Measurements help you prevent network downtime before it becomes a problem.

We provide the equipment and personnel to make precision synchronization measurements from central office locations to cell sites or customer premises. We quantify and compare the accuracy and stability of synchronization and recommend changes needed to improve quality at problem locations. These measurements and analyses can be used to locate and identify unknown timing problems in a site or network.

Engineering Specifications

Syncworks provides the engineering specifications for the work required to upgrade your network. Our experts partner with your engineering team to define the scope of the work and equipment needed for the upgrade.
These comprehensive engineering specifications may include:

  • Equipment
  • Rack Space
  • Operating Power
  • Grounding
  • Network Wiring and Routing

Engineering Support

When you need sync support, you need easy access to network sync experts. Syncworks support begins with our team answering your calls.
Syncworks provides phone support to answer any setup, provisioning, and operational questions about your office timing. We adapt to your internal structure, augmenting your internal resources with the people and experience needed.

The bottom line is we are here to ensure network uptime and smooth cutovers.

Method of Procedure (MOPs)

Your network is unique. And while Generic MOPs are available to address most projects, customer and/or site specific procedures can be produced per customer requirements. These procedures address the specific steps and sequence required to ensure the installation, commissioning, and cutover is done with minimum impact on site operation.

Syncworks has experience performing smooth cutovers on networks across the nation. We have developed best practices and thinking beyond-the-clock to properly service your network as a whole.

Installation & Commissioning

Syncworks expertise in installation & commissioning services is second-to-none. With our team of experienced telecom professionals, we provide the needed level of installation and commissioning services for synchronization equipment, from simple BITS Clock installs to complete turnkey synchronization projects.

We provide installation, power-up and provisioning of new sync equipment, integration with existing legacy equipment during conversion, and thorough testing and documentation of the operation of the new sync equipment (pre and post conversion).

Sync Cutovers

A sync cutover is a complex activity that must be done perfectly to avoid affecting your customers. When a sync cutover is necessary, it is important to have a team of experts to not only plan your cutover right, but also be on-hand to provide support to diagnose any issues that come up.
Syncworks specializes in providing the expertise to manage signal qualification, phase alignment, element provisioning, and other factors required to provide hitless cutovers of any size offices. Our combination of experience, best practice and comprehensive MOPs ensure your project’s success.


Accurate and complete timing records are needed to ensure your future operation and growth is trouble-free. Syncworks has experience providing you with clear and accurate records.

This record-keeping includes a completion report documenting the work done, a complete listing of the timing leads and timed network elements and labeling of all timing leads with source/destination tags at each end.

Along with our comprehensive operator training and engineering support, Syncworks network documentation keeps you on top of your network sync.


Operator Training

Our support goes beyond the installation. Syncworks ensures that your network is in capable hands through operator training.

Syncworks generally provides basic operator training for any newly installed synchronization equipment at the completion of the job. In addition, we can provide your team with full training classes.

We share our expertise with you staff, covering all the aspects of network synchronization as well as the operation and maintenance of installed timing equipment.

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