GPS/GNSS Firewall and Antennas

Properly and securely connect your network with GPS/GNSS Antennas and enhance the security for those signals with BlueSky Firewall. Syncworks has product solutions to enable you to confidently grow, problem solve and safeguard your network.

BlueSky GNSS Firewall

The vulnerability of GNSS systems to various signal incidents is well documented. The rapid proliferation of GNSS systems has embedded these vulnerabilities into critical national infrastructure as well as corporate infrastructures that rely on GNSS-delivered position, navigation and timing (PNT) for daily operations. The widespread deployment of GNSS makes it impractical to replace all fielded GNSS systems in a timely or cost-effective manner.

GPS Line Amplifier with L1 Bandpass Filter

Provides Gain to Overcome Cable Loss

The 58529A GPS Line Amplifier with L1 Bandpass Filter provides gain to overcome cable loss in installations where a GPS receiver and antenna must be separated by large distances.

With over 20 dB (typical) of gain, the 58529A increases the maximum cable length from 115 to 240 meters between the 58532A GPS Antenna and a timing receiver. Two amplifiers may be used in series to achieve distances up to 360 meters. An active device, the 58529A accepts power between +4.5 Vdc to +13 Vdc. The unit is designed to pass dc power up to the GPS antenna.

GPS Lightning Arrestor

Lightning arrestors will protect your systems from lightning damage. In-line lightning arrestors are mounted on a low impedence ground between the antenna and the point where the cable enters the building. This is a commonly used configuration since there is often a good ground nearby to connect to. The lightning arrestors require no additional power or wiring except the ground lead.

GPS Active Splitter

Provides Dependable Signals

4:1/2:1 Active Splitters allow multiple GPS receivers to share a single antenna. Designed for both manufacturing and position/timing redundancy applications, the 58536A GPS L1 Active Splitter provides dependable signals for up to four GPS receivers. For large manufacturing facilities, the Microsemi 4 port Active Splitter 58536A can provide as many GPS-L1 (1575.42 MHz) signals as your manufacturing floor requires. With built-in amplification to overcome splitter losses, the Active Splitter can be conveniently cascaded without adding separate amplifiers and bias-tees between splitters.