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An Introduction To Third-Generation BITS

Syncworks January 3, 2023 0 Comments

How to transition your legacy equipment to meet upcoming network demands with primary and secondary timing source reliability.

Recent news events sound the alarms that every network engineer must hear: attacks on critical infrastructure in America are escalating and causing record amounts of damage and danger. GPS spoofing and jamming reports are expected to be at an all-time high in 2023. Physical attacks are also expected to set record numbers of incidents. As of August 2022, there were 108 physical and cyber attacks on utility infrastructure that took down service. Our nation’s airports have also endured GPS attacks that have experts stumped. What is clear is that now is the time to modernize and harden your legacy synchronization and timing network.

Third Generation BITS from Syncworks provides a flawless path to achieve long-term primary and secondary timing source reliability. The first two iterations of BITS served their networks but as time has advanced, the need for the next generation is now. Cable networks, telecom networks, and utility networks that are still running legacy equipment such as Symmetricom, Datum, Microsemi, and others need to be aware of Third Generation BITS. With the rise in GPS vulnerabilities, 3G BITS can address those concerns as well as upgrade and integrate with your legacy network sync and timing equipment.

Features of 3G BITS

  • Dual Microchip TimeProvider 4100
  • Multiband GPS inputs supported
  • 20 cc/DS1 additional outputs per panel
  • PTP, NTP, and BITS outputs
  • MAC Rubidium timekeeping performance

Benefits of 3G BITS

  • Mitigate GPS vulnerabilities
  • Dual resiliency and reliability
  • Packet-timing ready
  • Training and alarm monitoring are available

At the heart of the upgrade is the TimeProvider 4100 (TP4100) from Microchip Technology. As a Diamond Partner, we utilize this technology for many cable, telecom, and utility networks across America and the Caribbean. Critical infrastructure communication networks require highly accurate, resilient and secure IEEE® 1588-compliant grandmasters for precise time and synchronization to avoid interferences and to optimize the wireless spectrum. TimeProvider 4100 series is an innovative and flexible hardware platform with unique differentiating software options and multiple operation modes that you can deploy at core sites, aggregation sites, fronthaul, or backhaul. Our TP4100 is an investment in a platform that will evolve with industry needs.

3G BITS Against the Rise of Jamming and Spoofing

GPS GNSS spoofing and jamming must be considered for any next-generation network sync and timing equipment. 3G BITS supports industry standards of Authorization, Authentication, and Accounting (AAA) such as TACACS+, Radius, and Radium two-factor authentication. TP4100 also supports IEEE 1588 2.1 2019 security standard, anti-jamming, and anti-spoofing protections.

About Syncworks 
Syncworks is an industry leader in delivering network synchronization and timing solutions to the telecommunications, utilities, and cable industries. For over two decades, we have helped our customers maintain, modernize and evolve their infrastructure to support the delivery of timing services over TDM and packet-based technologies critical for network QoS, meeting SLAs, and emerging applications such as 5G mobile backhaul. 

Our industry-best engineering and implementation practices were developed, refined, and have been successfully proven on thousands of modernization projects across the US and Caribbean markets. 

Syncworks maintains the largest and most diversified stocking supply of Microchip network sync & timing products to meet our customers’ every need when it comes to sync and timing technology. 

Through our SyncCare support program, our customers enjoy worry-free support and ultra-responsive customer service.