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NOTICE: GPS Week Number Rollover in TimeSource 3×00 products

February 1, 2018 0 Comments

The GPS system has a week rollover event once every 1024 weeks (~19.69 years). The next scheduled GPS system week number rollover will happen on 7th April 2019. The TimeSource system rollover occurs 24 weeks ahead of the GPS system rollover. Starting on 21st October 2018 the TimeSource system date jumps back to year 1999 (7th March 1999). The system remains locked to GPS and there are no alarms to indicate this jump. No additional roll back event happens on the GPS system rollover date of April 7, 2019 since the TimeSource system rolled back 24 weeks early and continues to count forward through the April 7, 2019 GPS system rollover date.

This roll back has no impact to the PRS frequency outputs of the TimeSource system. The roll back affects the internal log timestamps associated with system event logs and Autonomous Output (AO) messages. This roll back also affects the TimeSource auxiliary time outputs for TOD (Time of Day) serial connection, and NTP (optional software license).


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