TimeHub 5500

Designed to meet synchronization requirements for today’s demanding video and data applications. TimeHub 5500 is the next generation BITS. It is a modular, fully redundant timing distribution system that tracks incoming timing references and qualifies the signals against network timing standards. It then filters and distributes precise timing to all equipment in the central office. Already deployed as the workhorse for major fiber deployments in North America, the TimeHub 5500 is the platform of choice for delivery of carrier grade Network Timing Protocol required to assure high QoS delivery of NGN applications and content.

TDM and Packet Network Sync
Delivers the ability to monitor multiple inputs and conduct local or remote performance measurements on existing BITS or any DS1 line to ensure that legacy BITS are reliable and compatible.
Scalability and Redundancy
The main shelf provides up to 160 1+1 protected outputs and supports up to four expansion shelves, increasing the capacity to over 1,400 fully protected 1+1 ports per system.
As an intelligent network element, TimeHub 5500 also provides full visibility and manageability of all input and output ports and all cards on the main and expansion shelves.
SmartClock Technology
SmartClock™ technology improves the performance and accuracy of the clocks. It allows the unit to use the stored data to compensate for frequency changes during holdover.
  • Next Generation Building Integrated Timing Supply
  • Supports all physical layer synchronization requirements
  • More than 1400 protected outputs per system
  • Single output card generates CC and DS1 signals
  • Full SSM support
  • Master or remote shelf operation
  • NEBS Level 3 Certified
  • The TimeHub 5500 system was designed for critical applications where network elements require truly hitless timing, flexibility and growth capability for NGN physical layer synchronization requirements as well as application and management layer packet timing requirements.

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