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2019 GPS Week Number Rollover Event NOTICE: Certain retired GPS products may be impacted by this event. If you have concerns or questions, please contact Syncworks Support at 904.280.1234 or Submit A Support Request.  This paper is intended

SOURCE: Bruce Sussman, KATU News and KATU.com Staff The risk of hackers manipulating GPS in planes, ships and cars is real, and it has already happened. There are at least two types of GPS cyberattacks being seen.

TimeSource Enhanced PRTC Massive deployment of GNSS as a timing source for synchronizing wired and wireless telecommunications networks has created security risks to a point where governments, major telecommunications/mobile operators and enterprises are now urgently looking to

Nation-states attacking financial institutions and power grids, and organized criminals stealing high value assets were deemed among the most likely spoofing scenarios in a recent presentation by Fugro. Discussing “the world of spoofing,” as part of a

WASHINGTON (AP) — Pushing back harder on Russia, the Trump administration accused Moscow on Thursday of a concerted hacking operation targeting the U.S. energy grid, aviation systems and other infrastructure, and also imposed sanctions on Russians for

Microchip completed its acquisition of Microsemi on May 29, 2018  - Significantly Expands Microchip’s solutions for Data Center, Communications, Defense and Aerospace Markets - Expected to be immediately accretive to non-GAAP earnings per share - Estimated $300 million

Take a quick look at a demonstration of our new BlueSky™ GPS Firewall. The BlueSky GPS Firewall solves the problem of protecting already deployed systems by providing a cost-effective overlay solution installed between existing GPS antennas and

In recent articles, I’ve talked about ESMA’s MiFID II requirements and how this regulation – effective January 2018 – will require trading systems to time stamp key trading event records within an assured level of accuracy… and an