DS1 Input Multi-Port Card (23413013-002-0)

Part Number: 23413013-002-0

The DS1 and E1 Input cards are available with both 1-Port and 3-Port configurations. These cards receive signals and perform phase measurement comparisons with the Clock cards that are installed in the system. The Clock cards use this information to phase and frequency lock to the incoming signal. The data may also be used for monitoring the frequency of incoming signals. The DS1 and E1 Input cards accept the following signals: sine or square wave (with frequency of 1, 1.544, 2.048, 5 or 10 MHz) or framed communications type DS1 or E1. If the input signal is a communications type, the card monitors the following errors:

Alarm Indication Signaling (AIS)

Bipolar Violations (BPV)

Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)

Loss of Signal (LOS)

Out Of Frame (OOF)

The card also extracts synchronization status messages from incoming data.

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