Generate and distribute superior synchronization signals for advanced network services.

The SSU 2000 is an intelligent, fully manageable Synchronization Supply Unit or Timing Signal Generator designed to meet the latest and evolving industry standards, including ANSI, Telcordia and CE/CA.


Symmetricom’s SSU 2000 enables telecom network operators to generate and distribute superior synchronization signals for advanced network services. Designed in a NEBS-compliant package, the SSU 2000 integrates intelligent functional modules into a flexible, fully redundant system to seamlessly satisfy current and future requirements for accurate, reliable synchronization and timing.

Expandable Output Capacity

Up to 160 outputs are available in the main unit. Four expansion shelves provide the ability to add up to 1120 additional outputs, providing capacity of 280 outputs per shelf. Output signals include: 160-1120 x DS1/E1, Composite Clock, RS422.

Redundant Connections for Reliable Uptime

Expansion shelves are designed with redundant connections for reliable uptime. Output modules may be configured in redundant pairs thus providing twenty 1:1 fully protected outputs per pair. All outputs are fully 1:1 Redundant.

Intelligent Swappable Modules

Each SSU module has an integrated CPU running software for superior reliability, flexibility and functionality. Modules can be removed or inserted while the unit is operating without degrading output signals.

Communication Modules Support Management Functions

The SSU utilizes a single communication module. Coupled with the GUI-based NetSync Manager or Local Management Terminal software, the communication module provides powerful fault, configuration, accounting/inventory, performance, security, and other optional management functions.

Key Features

  • Dynamic control algorithms for superior performance
  • Intelligent software for ease of maintenance and turn up
  • Each input reference may be assigned a priority fro reference use or set as monitor only
  • Each input provides full performance monitoring of the input signal compared against both clocks
  • Output: 160-1120 x DS1/E1, Composite Clock, RS422. All fully 1:1 Redundant
  • Communications: 1x Ethernet (10 Base-T), 3x EIA-232 Ports
  • Management: AutoReconfig, SNMP, Interactive ASCII, TL1, Local Windows Manager

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